8 Ways to Use Your Hair Products Like a Pro

8 Ways to Use Your Hair Products Like a Pro

The first step in great hair care is identifying the right products for your scalp and hair type. The next step is using the products correctly. Using your hair treatment products in the right order is as important as choosing them well. Here are some tips get you using your hair care products like a pro, so you get that salon style smooth finish.

  1. Styling cream

Styling cream is a great option to combat the frizz especially on those humid days. Take a coin sized amount on your palm and rub it gently between your hands. Now run your hands through the length of your hair, while avoiding the roots. Applying styling cream on the roots will simply weigh your hair down.Use the cream on damp hair to help it spread more evenly and give you a better finish.

  1. Hair wax

Applying hair wax is probably tricky for the first timer as it has very little water content and is therefore hard to manoeuvre. Take a coin sized amount and massage it onto the length of your hair. Let it dry and set. Try to avoid rubbing the wax into your scalp. Wax is best used on damp hair. An added advantage is you can touch up the style anytime during the day. If the wind tousles up your hair, simply wet your hands and restyle the wax.

  1. Pomade

Many men get confused between hair wax and pomade. Pomade gives a shiny, wet finish as opposed to the dry and hard look of hair wax. Moreover, pomade is best used on dry hair. Take a marble sized amount and massage the pomade from your roots to the tips of your hair. Set the desired style with a fine-toothed comb.

  1. Hair Serum

Hair serum is great for wavy hair that gets frizzy in the humidity. The serum helps by sealing the cuticle and giving the hair a shine, while not reducing its volume. Use a pea sized amount of serum for shoulder to mid-waist length hair. Rub the hair serum on the length of your hair while avoiding the roots. Applying serum on the roots is going to leave you with an oily and flat look.

  1. Conditioner

Everyone knows how and why they should use this popular hair product. But there’s still room of doubt for how long one needs to leave a conditioner in to get the right results. Here it is. The amount of time you need to leave you conditioner in is directly proportional to your hair length and volume. So, if your hair is short and fine, a minute should suffice. If you have long and thick hair, try to leave the product in for at least 2 to 3 minutes for it to work.

  1. Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo is one of the best hair treatment methods that can magically transform limp and oily looking hair into the fluffy, voluminous look. Provided you use it correctly. Start by spraying your hairline to take care of the oiliest part of your scalp. Now make sections and go over the rest of your roots evenly. Flip over your hair and tousle gently to let the shampoo spread. Brush well and you’re all set!

  1. Hair Mousse

Hair mousse is that product you can rely on, to always give your hair style and definition. Mousse comes in various forms including sprays, creams, and foams. It helps set curls, add volume, and even protect from heat based hair treatment including hair tongs. Apply a coin sized amount to the roots of damp hair and use your hands to work the mouse outward, so that your tips get the least amount. Follow up bystyling with a brush or a hair curler.

  1. Hair Spray

Hair spray always comes last after your serum or mousse. It helps hold the hair together and adds that finishing shine. A word of caution: hold the spray can at least 10 to 12 inches from your head and spray. Try not to let the spray fall on your forehead or anywhere near your face. Never apply a hair spray to the roots or your hair will look stiff.

Using your hair products the right way will give you the salon style finish that will make it worth the money it costs you to buy them. However, do remember that hairstyling products come with loads of chemicals. This makes it unadvisable to use them daily. An excessive use of hair products and chemical laden hair treatment solutions, can prove to be a major cause of hair loss for you in the long run. Exercise caution and look after your hair to avoid hair loss, dandruff, and any onset of baldness.

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