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7 diseases that homeopathy treats
7 diseases that homeopathy treats

Homeopathy Treatment for Diseases

Homeopathy is a science that works on the philosophy of ‘like cures like’. According to the World Health Organization, homeopathy is the 2nd largest system of medicine in the world. Homeopathic treatments help to stimulate your body’s natural healing powers to heal various types of ailments. According to a study by the National Centre for Biotechnology Information, homeopathy treats all your health-related problems. It is known for its safe, natural, toxin-free, and side-effect-free ways. 

There are 100 million people who trust homeopathy to treat their health-related issues in India, as per the Homeopathic Research Institute.

The seven common conditions that homeopathy treats in a natural, safe, and side-effect-free way includes:

  •  Diabetes: This is a condition that stays with you all your life. According to a study by the World Health Organization, diabetes cases have increased drastically. Homeopathy aims to treat diabetic patients with their overall health. People suffering from the condition may notice symptoms like hunger, excessive urination, dry mouth, skin sores, and blurry vision. Homeopathic treatments use natural substances to treat the symptoms better. According to a study by the American Journal of Phytomedicine and Clinical Therapeutics, homeopathy can treat diabetes effectively.
  • Psoriasis: Psoriasis is an autoimmune condition that can cause a buildup on the surface of your skin. It is a chronic skin condition where the symptoms can flare-up. According to a study on Research gate, 78% of cases of psoriasis have an underlying stress problem. Homeopathy in the case of scalp and nail psoriasis has shown positive results. Homeopathic treatment helps to build your immunity, giving it the boost it needs in a side-effect-free way.
  • Vitiligo: It is a chronic skin condition that can cause white patches on the skin. This hereditary skin condition can affect any part of your body. Homeopathic medicines use plants and minerals for vitiligo treatment. According to the National Centre for Biotechnology Information, 14 vitiligo patients were treated with individualized homeopathic treatment. They showed a positive result in the initial stages of the condition. 
  • Upper respiratory tract infection (URTI): The upper respiratory tract infection includes the nasal passages, pharynx, sinuses, and larynx. Respiratory tract infections can cause difficulty in breathing. In this condition, you may start noticing symptoms like a cough, sneezing, nasal discharge or congestion, an itchy and sore throat. Exposure to bacteria and viruses can lead to infections in the respiratory tract. According to a study by the Herald Alternative, Complementary and Integrative Medicine, homeopathic treatment is effective in treating URT infections.
  • Arthritis: It is the swelling and tenderness of joints that may worsen with age. The two common types of arthritis include osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. In osteoarthritis, the cartilage that is a slippery tissue that covers the bone may break and with rheumatoid arthritis, the immune system may attack the lining of the joints. According to a study by NCBI, homeopathic remedies can effectively treat patients with osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Skin diseases: There are multiple skin disorders you may have to deal with daily. The conditions can differ in symptoms and severity and can be temporary or permanent. Some skin disorders that you may have are acne, cold sores, and blisters, hives, rosacea, eczema, psoriasis, and dermatitis. According to a study by NCBI, patients suffering from chronic skin conditions caused by psychological, physical, and psychosomatic symptoms can be treated effectively with individualized homeopathic treatments.
  • Warts:  Warts are raised bumps caused due to the human papillomavirus (a viral infection passed through skin-to-skin contact). According to a study on homeo.delhigovt.nic, homeopathy effectively treats warts.

7 diseases that homeopathy treatsWhy Dr Batra’s®?

According to a study by the National Centre for Biotechnology Information, homeopathic treatment is effective. It is known for its natural, safe, and side-effect-free way of treatment. Dr Batra’s® has treated 15 lakh happy patients and has a positive treatment rate of 91%, as authenticated by the American Quality Assessors. Dr Batra’s specializes in Hair, Skin, Allergies, Respiratory problems, Child and Women’s Health, Mental Health, Sexual Health, and Weight Management ailments, Vitiligo, Psoriasis, Acne, Low immunity, Tonsillitis, Stress Management, Migraine, Thyroid, PCOS, Menopause, Diabetes, Arthritis, Infertility, and Male Infertility. Our expert homeopathic doctors devise a treatment plan that best suits you based on the symptoms and severity of your condition.
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