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12 Common Hair Myths You Need To Stop Believing Now

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Dr. Batras

Hair is a sign of physical beauty and good inner health. It is true that we all take great efforts to ensure our lovely locks get the best treatment possible. Yet, could some of your hair care habits actually be damaging your scalp. Are you believing in certain hair treatment myths that are completely untrue? Here we unveil 12 common hair myths that you need to stop believing now.

1. Trimming makes hair grow faster

This is one that your salon probably told you many times. Yet, the truth is that trimming hair has absolutely no effect on how fast it grows. Hair grows from the follicles on your scalp so cutting the ends will not do much.

2. If your hair is oily, do not use conditioner

Another myth that holds no weight. If you have greasy hair, you must not stop using conditioner; rather change the type of conditioner you use. Look for a clarifying shampoo and follow it up with a conditioner that contains lemon or tea tree oil.

3. Plucking greys will make more grow

This is one myth at everyone has heard at least once. Yet, the truth is that a single grey hair grows from one follicle. Plucking it out might simply deaden that follicle and cause a bald patch to develop over time.

4. Baldness is inherited from the paternal gene

A sensitive issue, male and female pattern baldness signify an extreme hair problem. Yet, most blame the bald gene on the father. In reality, you are as likely to inherit baldness from your maternal side as your paternal roots.

5. A dry scalp causes dandruff

Most of us are used to associating flakes with dryness and this is what probably perpetuated this myth. The fact is that dandruff is caused by a certain yeast that thrives only on an oily scalp.

6. Stress causes grey hair

How early you develop grey hair really depends on genes. When melanocytes stop producing melanin (the pigment that gives you hair colour), you develop greys. How and when this happens depends on your DNA. Some people develop grey hair in childhood as well. Stress can accelerate the process though.

7. Black hair is stronger than blonde hair

No one really knows what perpetuated this myth, yet be rest assured, having light hair is not a cause of hair loss. However, colouring your hair many shades lighter than its natural tone can weaken your hair cuticles and cause strand breakage on the long run.

8. Shaving a newborn’s hair will improve growth

In many cultures, it is believed that shaving a baby’s first crop of hair will lead to thicker and healthier hair. Yet, there is no scientific proof to back this up. We are all born with a certain number of follicles and genes that predetermine our hair texture and thickness for life.

9. Frequent brushing stimulates hair growth

A common myth holds that brushing your hair several times a day will stimulate your hair follicles to growth health hair. Yet, in reality, quite the opposite happens. Brushing your hair too often is known to be a cause of hair loss due to unnecessary friction on the scalp.

10. Shampoo, rinse and repeat

If you read the label of your shampoo, it will most likely tell you to lather, rinse off and repeat. Not only is this unnecessary, but it also causes hair loss. Shampooing just once in a single wash will suffice to clean the grease off your scalp without drying it out too much.

11. Do not colour your hair during pregnancy

Another myth that is completely untrue. Feel free to colour your hair any shade that your heart desires while you are expecting. Hair colours are safe and tested so they do not have any negative reactions on your health.

12. Split ends can be repaired

If any stylist has told you that there are hair treatment options to fix split ends, they are not coming clean with you. Split ends cannot be joined again. you can simply trim those parts of your hair off. Try using products that are sulphate-free to avoid getting split ends too often.

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