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About Homeopathy? Why is it Better?

Positive homeopathy aims at stimulating the human body’s defence system. The body’s defence mechanisms and processes in turn prevent or treat an illness. The therapy involves small doses of substances that would help produce isolated symptoms of the said condition. This would enable the immune system to adapt and oppose the diagnosed condition. It is a healthier way to overcome ailments because it strengthens the body’s own ability to fight diseases. The homeopathy medicine course is tailor-made for each individual. It addresses particular issues rather than their generic nature. So, a plan is devised, not based merely on symptoms, like other branches of medicine. Considerations like lifestyle, mental status and emotional balance also feature in the treatment chosen. While other forms of medicine aid in controlling symptoms, homeopathic remedies help restoration of health. The therapy not only aims at controlling the condition, it also aims at ensuring that it doesn’t relapse. In fact, there are certain conditions that can only be treated using homeopathy, without the fear of homeopathy side effects.

Why choose Dr. Batra’s?

Dr. Batra’s is a distinguished organisation that represents the promise of care and quality. Starting as a single clinic in Mumbai in 1982, today it has grown to become an international brand. The conglomerate consists of a chain of homeopathy clinics, a product company and several hair transplant clinics. A specialised team of homeopathic doctors work to combat various problems. Right from acne and warts to Addison’s disease and vertigo, a whole range of conditions are covered. Other general conditions like common cold, allergic rhinitis, depression, hair loss, and obesity are also tackled here. Dr. Batra’s homeopathy website offers a clinic database and options to book appointments. It also offer phone consultation and live chat facilities to help you in a hassle-free way. Go through the disease and conditions database for updated information, symptoms, diagnoses and treatment. You can even take a hair evaluation test here so that your problem can be analysed and viable solutions could be provided.