Is Your Acne Worse in Summer?

Is Your Acne Worse in Summer?

Everyone awaits the summer vacations eagerly. Plans of going to the beach, taking a road trip, or just hanging out with friends are made and looked forward to. However, the summer sun can also bring along an unpleasant visitor: Acne. Acne has us looking embarrassed when we need to look our best and often leaves us with permanent scars on our skin. Let’s look closely at what makes acne worse in summers and what you can do about it.

How does it happen?

Acne is caused by excess oil secretion on our skin.We all have protective microflora on our skin that feeds on the oil we secrete. Normal levels of oil help maintain the moisture and health of our skin. The summer heat however, leads to excess of oil secretion. This clogs pores and creates the perfect environment for a pimple. Here are some other factors that lead to an acne breakout.

  • Consuming a sugary diet

A summer vacation diet is usually filled with fast foods and chocolate milkshakes. Fatty and sugary foods lead to an excess of oil secretion by our glands. Stick to fresh juices and home-made food. Limit fried foods and chocolates to a once-a-week basis.

  • Excessive sweating

Spending a lot of time under the direct summer sun will worsen your skin. Not only will you get sun burnt but you’ll also aggravate those sensitive skin cells. This is why many teenagers are prone to acne during their summer holidays.

  • Dehydration

Excessive sweating in summer dehydrates our body. If we don’t consume enough water to replenish this loss, the glands in our body begin secreting oil to overcome this moisture deficiency. Yes, you guessed it right: more pimples!

  • Wearing tight or uncomfortable clothing

Tight hairbands, helmets, fitting track pants and tightly fastened belts all trap moisture and clog pores. Acne doesn’t necessarily affect the face only. Wearing tight clothing and synthetic fabric in the summers, make you get unsightly and painful breakouts on your back, thighs, waist,chest, and upper arms.

What can I do about it?

Ok, so now you know what worsens acne in the summers. You may also have gauged an idea of how you can take steps to avoid breakouts by staying away from certain dietary and/or lifestyle habits. Would you like to go a step further and learn some concrete steps to battle acne like a pro? You definitely would! Here they are.

  • Shade away from harmful rays

Try to avoid going out in the sun between noon to 4pm. This is when the sunrays are at their harshest. If you absolutely must go out between these hours, then protect yourself from the heat. Wear good sunscreen, a cap or a large brimmed hat and avoid walking long distances.

  • Proactive skin care

Merely washing your face with soap and water won’t do the trick. Invest in a good anti-acne facewash and scrub. A scrub is important as it helps unclog germs. Finish off with a non-alcohol based toner and moisturiser. Buy cosmetics that are water based. Men should use alcohol free aftershave products. Make sure your kids use good products to fight acne. They will remember to thank you for this when they grow up.

  • Dress comfortably

Wear natural fibres, such as cotton, that not only absorb sweat but also absorb oil secreted by your skin. Loosely fitted cotton clothes are light in weight and help air circulate. This minimizes fungal breeding, body odour and acne on your skin. Synthetic fibres absorb heat and cause skin rashes and discomfort. Invest in good quality cotton linen for your bed. You’ll get a peaceful night’s sleep even at the peak of summer.

  • Eat right

This is the single most important point that any doctor or dietician will stress upon. The health of your body clearly reflects on your skin. Cut down on sugary foods and fried snacks. When thirsty drink water, glucose water or fresh fruit juice. Completely avoid aerated beverages, energy drinks and packaged fruit juices.

  • Get professional help

If your acne is severe and painful then do consult a medical professional immediately. Most of us are reluctant to subject our skin to invasive procedures and harsh chemicals. Homeopathy offers a safe and viable alternative. Homeopathic medicine for acne is holistic and natural. It uses methods to push the body’s own defence mechanism to the surface and this provide a safe and effective method of healing.

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