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November 22, 2017

When full-size hair transplants were still being performed, the choice of hair fall treatment was often referred as ‘drugs’. Maybe we should add ‘shrugs’ to the list. Many people with hair loss simply choose to shrug it off as a minor issue in their life and not one worth bothering much about. But many others do indeed consider medications, salon treatments, or cosmetic solutions for hair fall treatment such as hairpieces, or surgery.

For those who really want to do something about hair loss, there is great confusion about which hair fall treatment method is most appropriate for their particular condition. Countless sources on the internet, books, and doctors offer information or the advice on treating hair loss, but nobody tells you which treatment is best for you.

Opinions may differ from person to person – hair fall treatment worked for your friend might not help you. Or, your condition might get better for some time, and resume to its original state. In such case, you need a treatment which can give you an assured result for hair loss.

Homeopathy can certainly be of great help, for people of all ages, and both sex. Men and women may lose hair for varied reasons including medical, physical, and emotional factors. Homeopathic medicines for hair loss treat not only the physical complaints but also target the mind and gently restore mind-body equilibrium — thus, it treats patients as a ‘whole.’ This makes it an excellent solution for hair problems related to the mind, such as stress-related patchy hair loss (alopecia areata), hair-pulling disorder (trichotillomania), or stress-induced massive hair shedding.

There are also homeopathic medicines for hair loss which are in use for over 100 years to promote, control, and re-grow hair. International clinical studies have proven that the two homeopathic medicines - Thuja Occidentalis or Sabal serrulata are cited as natural DHT-inhibitors, i.e., they can control hair loss caused by DHT — without side-effects.

Homeopathy medicines for hair loss protect the body from harmful effects (such as decreased libido, ejaculation problems) that are common with conventional drugs. Moreover, these medicines can be taken for a long time.

Besides suggesting you an appropriate hair fall treatment after diagnosing your condition thoroughly, homeopaths also help patients in correcting their lifestyle pattern. For example, making dietary changes can help you with the treatment to promote and nourish your hair faster. You can also ask homeopaths about hair care products, which ones are recommended for your hair type and your hair loss condition.

Cumulative effort of all these things is surely going to help you. In case of any doubt, you can chat with our doctors live, or visit any of our clinics (nearest to your area) to get the best advice.

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