Tips to manage stress-induced asthma

Tips to manage stress-induced asthma

August 17, 2020

Do you feel like you live your life inside a pressure cooker, always stressed about deadlines while simultaneously dealing with asthma? Believe it or not, your stress could be worsening your asthma.  Did you know that a study by Asthma UK reported that 43% of people experience stress triggering their asthma attack? Yes, asthma and stress share a complicated yet strong relationship. Let’s learn about this relationship further.

What is stress induced asthma?

As the name suggests, stress induced asthma is the flaring up of asthma symptoms triggered by stress. 

The physical aftermath of undergoing stress coupled with emotional breakdowns can increasingly make your asthma disease even worse. For instance, if you cry when you are stressed, you are likely to experience shortness of breath. Additionally, the mucus will block your nostrils further triggering your asthma signs and symptoms.

Similarly, people who are likely to get angry when they are stressed will also experience their asthma taking a turn for the worse.

Coping tips

Just because stress is an inevitable part of your life doesn’t mean you need to let it rule your asthma as well. Here are some tips to help you manage stress as asthma patients

  • Create and stick to the asthma routine: Why does your stress affect your asthma disease so severely? It’s because you have asthma in the first place. A lot of asthmatics often forget that their stress can trigger an attack. It is therefore important that you take care of your asthma and follow the routine check-ups and reviews. Stick to your prescribed asthmatic medications, asthma attack treatment and follow every instruction by your asthma specialist closely.
  • Exercising: It’s a myth that asthmatic people should refrain from exercising. Along with exercise under supervision, here are some relaxation exercises you can follow:
  1. Mind exercises- Whenever you feel like you are crumbling under the pressure of stress take deep breaths and chant peaceful phrases in your head which will put your mind at ease. Statements like, “I’m safe”, “I am at peace” are known to help.
  2. Relaxation exercise- Inhale and focus on your entire body. Concentrate on particular joints or parts which ache and loosen them up. Relax your muscles, think of a joyful memory or a happy place which pleases you, exhale and let go of all the stress.
  3. Deep breathing exercise- Think of yourself as a balloon and concentrate on the spot right below your navel. Fill in your abdomen with as much air as you can. And then let it all out with a long and slow breath. You will feel the stress leaving your body.
  • Seek support: Reaching out and asking for support isn’t a sign of weakness. Rather, it’s a sign of strength. Whenever you feel like your tensions are overflowing and your signs of asthma are flaring, seek out support from your loved ones. If you know someone in your life suffering from stress induced asthma, ensure that they feel loved and supported. Accompany them to their regular appointments, make sure they are active and independent in every sense but provide emotional support as well. 
  • Hearty meals: Stress will deprive you of a lot of energy. So, make sure you eat thrice a day. Your meals should contain protein, whole-grains and dairy. Refrain from consuming foodstuffs which tend to stress you out even more like fried, caffeinated products or alcohol.
  • Realistic goals: It’s always recommended to set standards without underestimating yourself. However, ensure that they are realistic and you can meet them. This will ease out your tensions as it’ll make you feel more in control.


Tips to manage stress-induced asthma


Treatment alternative

Stress is known to weaken your immunity which, in turn, increases your vulnerability. This makes your body susceptible to many disorders and diseases including asthma. Homeopathic treatment for asthma is known to strengthen your defence mechanism making you more resilient towards asthma. Homeopathy reduces the frequency and recurrence rate of your attacks and helps you manage your asthma better.

A study was published in the Indian Journal of Research in Homeopathy where 2107 patients dealing with asthma were monitored. 43% patients experienced an enhanced tolerance towards the triggers after receiving asthma treatmentin homeopathy. This led to a considerable relief in the frequency, duration and intensity of the attacks.

At Dr Batra’s™, Homeopathic medicine for asthma provided by our homeopathic asthma doctor is not provided on a random basis. The asthma causes, symptoms, medical history vary from person to person. Additionally, even the frequency and intensity of the asthma attacks will not be same for everyone. Therefore, asthma treatment in homeopathy is customised for every patient. Our homeopathic specialist focus on reducing the frequency, duration and intensity of the asthma attacks with minimal dependence on drugs thereby providing the best medicine for asthma.


Our anxiety doesn’t come from thinking about the future; it comes from wanting to control it. Seize your present, work on yourself and follow the self-care routine which makes you happy. Book an online appointment at Dr Batra’s™ and leave your stress to deal with asthma on our homeopathic doctors.

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