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Things you're tired of hearing about Psoriasis

Things you're tired of hearing about Psoriasis

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Visual imparity, even due to diseases like psoriasis invites social stigma from opinionated people who lack information and reek of ignorance. Hearing negligent statements about your skin disease, most of which aren’t even true, may make you awkward in turn. Here are some statements you’ll be tired of hearing if you suffer from psoriasis.

  • Avoid touching others, you may infect others with psoriasis!

How much does it hurt when you see signs and boards like “People with skin diseases not allowed in the pool” right outside your favourite swimming destinations? No, psoriasis symptoms is not contagious. Dead skin cells may shed off in larger quantities. However, the fact still remains intact that psoriasis is, in no way, a contagious disease.

  • What’re you whining about? Psoriasis is just a skin condition!

What’s your first thought when you hear this statement? Unfair, that’s what pops right away, doesn’t it? Psoriasis is more than dry skin. Being an autoimmune disease, it can affect the entire body. It can cause extreme discomfort which is an absolute legitimate reason for you to whine occasionally.

  • Aren’t psoriasis and eczema all the same?

Typically, people pool in all the skin diseases into one category because they can come across with similar looks. However, the insights of these diseases differ immensely. Psoriasis is mostly associated with unnatural and fast pacing growth of skin.

  • You’re too young to have psoriasis!

No skin disease, or achievement for that matter, is too young for you to attain.  Psoriasis is known to develop with. There aren’t any age restrictions but it’s ideally seen to attack people between 30-50 years of age.

  • It’s not possible for psoriasis to affect mental health!

It is easily possible for psoriasis to penetrate your health, skin and your mind as well. It comes with the possibilities of developing depression and anxiety. If your psoriasis is at an extreme state, you are more likely to suffer from depression. 

  • Psoriasis is caused due to poor hygiene. Why don’t you take a shower twice in a day?

Being accused of staying dirty due to the plaques and dry skin can be downright embarrassing. Psoriasis isn’t associated with poor hygiene in any way. 

  • You can’t treat psoriasis!

It may not be curable but psoriasis can definitely be treated. An autoimmune disease needs a treatment which focuses on uplifting your immune system making it stronger than ever. Additionally, your skin is the gentlest part of your body and treating it with utmost care should always be your first preference. Homeopathic treatments offer both these characteristics with its holistic approach to treat the entire body and safe treatments which aren’t harsh or leave you with any side-effects.  

Want to be extra sure about psoriasis and its treatment? Read more to know more: Psoriasis: Can It Be Treated?

Some self-care tips to deal with psoriasis and ignorant statements:

  • Soak into moisturizer: Having already dry skin on top of psoriasis can be extremely uncomfortable. So, always stay moisturised as it will retain water in your skin thereby decreasing any flakiness and discomfort. Opting for oil-based moisturisers over creams or lotions can help immensely if you have naturally dry skin.
  • Don’t expose your skin to sunlight much: As our grandparents say, the early morning Sun is a miracle worker. But post that, don’t consider the sunlight to be your best friend as it can be highly damaging for your psoriasis
  • Learn the art of negligence: Turn a deaf ear towards people and their illegitimate comments. When you hear a snide remark about your disease from someone, you occupy their minds for mere seconds. In that case, how does it make sense for you to let these comments get in your head? Use this time to focus on the thing that matter, undergo proper treatment and never let these comments settle on your skin like psoriasis.

Dr Batra’s™ has an outstanding history of treating patients with psoriasis, nursing them back to healthy skin. You are what you eat which is why Dr Batra’s™ also recommends a diet plan which is designed by the nutritionists exclusively for every patient. You can book an appointment with Dr Batra’s™ when the psoriasis symptoms are spotted and let homeo medicine for psoriasis take care of your awkwardness and psoriasis altogether.

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