The most effective homeopathic medicines for depression

The most effective homeopathic medicines for depression

March 5, 2019

Depression is a common but serious mood disorder. It causes severe symptoms that affect how you feel, think and carry your daily activities. Like many other medical disorders, depression doesn’t affect the individual alone but it has its repercussions on one’s family, friends, as well as work, due to lack of concentration, interest, and other symptoms of depression that affect the quality of life. There is also economic loss that occurs due to absenteeism from work.

However, you should know that depression is treatable. Homoeopathy can provide you safe and effective way of treating depression and associated feelings of sadness and anxiety. Under the guidance of a skilled homoeopath, you may find relief from feelings of unhappiness and hopelessness.

More importantly, homoeopathic treatment for depression does not require antidepressants. Antidepressants are known to have side-effects. Homeopathy provides long-term solution for depression and treats patients it holistically by addressing the root cause of depression. Every patient is suggested different homeopathic medicine, as in homeopathy there is no one size fits all solution.  

Before we move on to discuss some of the proven effective remedies for depression, let us understand the symptoms of depression that will help you know if your loved one is suffering from it.

Remember that symptoms of depression must be present for at least 2 weeks for one to be diagnosed with it.

  1. Changes in feelings/continuous negative thoughts: You have persistent feeling of sadness, being unloved, frustration, disappointment, worthlessness, hopelessness, isolation, emptiness and spells of crying.
  2. Changes in behavior: You will notice lack of interest in activities that you previously enjoyed. You may avoid going out anymore, you may withdraw yourself from close family members, there will be increased irritability, and lack of urgency. It may become difficult for you to concentrate on things or make decisions.
  3.  Negative thoughts: You may have continuous thoughts that you are a failure, it’s your fault, nothing good ever happens to you, people would be better off without you and similar. In extreme cases you may also have thoughts of death.
  4. Physical symptoms: You may gain or lose weight because depression affects appetite. You may feel tired all the time, there will be feeling of sickness or discomfort, muscular pains and headaches.
  5. Sleep disturbances: Either you will sleep more or sleep will be disturbed.

Effective homeopathic medicines for depression

Aurum metallicum

This homeopathic medicine is indicated for people who get continuous feelings of total helplessness. Their depression runs very deep. They feel alone. To fight loneliness, they spend their most of the time in office keeping themselves engaged in work. Their feelings worsen when there is loss in business. They feel they have neglected their duty towards family or work. These people have suicidal tendency.

Natrum muriaticum

Depression is often related to loss of near or dear ones or break-up in relationship. An individual who suffers from it keeps on thinking about it for years. They find it difficult to move on. They are reserved and do not usually share their feelings with anyone. They can’t weep in front of anyone. Natrum muriaticum is prescribed in such cases of long standing depression due to grief.


This homeopathic medicine is mostly prescribed immediately after grief strikes either due to some personal loss or break-up in relationship. There are mood swings with periodic laughter and crying.


More commonly prescribed for women, Sepia works well for depression during hormonal changes such as premenstrual, menopause, miscarriage, pregnancy and postpartum.

Phosphoric acid

It is suited to patients who experience a lot of weakness due to depression and for those who cannot gather strength to carry out regular activities. They don’t go out and communicate with others. They feel physically and mentally exhausted.

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