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Warts - FAQs

Do genital warts affect pregnancy or childbirth?

Most children born to women with a history of genital warts do not experience any human papillomavirus-related complications. However, in rare cases, if warty growths do occur in an infant, it is advisable for the mother to take timely medication.

Every time I see a wart growing on my face, I pick it because it looks ugly and irritates me. Please suggest, what should I do?

Picking the wart does not cure it. In fact, picking can lead to the spreading of warts. Get medical help soon.

What if I get delayed in taking treatment for warts?

As warts are caused by a virus, they do not fall off on their own, nor do they simply fade away. Delaying the treatment will only worsen the condition. Timely treatment is, therefore, recommended.

Should one avoid sex when genital warts are present?

There is a certain risk of spreading the human papillomavirus infection that causes warts. Hence, it is advisable not to have direct genital contact while the warts are present.

Can homeopathy help in treating warts?

Definitely. Whether it is getting rid of existing warts, preventing the formation of new ones or healing the tendency to develop warts, homeopathy has a solution.


Myths and Facts

  1. Skin warts are cancerous.
    Skin warts are not cancerous.
  2. Warts are not contagious.
    Warts are contagious because they are caused by a virus.
  3. Picking warts cures them.
    Picking warts does not cure them. In fact, picking can lead to the spreading of warts.
  4. You can tie a thread around the base of the wart and pull it to remove a wart.
    This method can lead to infection, bleeding and incomplete removal of warts.
  5. Genital warts can be prevented by wearing condoms during intercourse.
    Genital warts can spread to the partner even if a condom is used during intercourse.
  6. Warts do not spread to other parts of the body.
    If not treated early and completely, warts tend to spread to other parts of the body.
  7. Warts and moles are the same.
    Warts and moles are different from each other.
  8. Warts can be ignored, and they will fall off on their own.
    As warts are caused by a virus, they do not fall off on their own.
  9. Warts occur with age.
    Warts can occur at any age. In fact, they are more common among children than in adults or the elderly.

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