Is the eczematous itch becoming a hitch?

Eczema - FAQs

I take anti-allergics to control the itching due to eczema, but they cause a lot of drowsiness. Can homeopathy help?

Homeopathic medicines will certainly help to control itching, that too without any side effects.

Every time I wear any imitation jewellery, I get eczema. Please help.

To start with, you may have to avoid wearing imitation jewellery. Over a period of time, as your immunity gets better through homeopathic medicines, you will overcome this sensitivity and shall be able to wear everything.

I am using some ointment to control my eczema. Somehow, I find that my asthma increases each time my eczema gets better. Is this possible?

Eczema and asthma are known to alternate with each other. It is a known fact that if skin lesions are suppressed by various ointments, asthma exacerbates. The same may be true in your case. Hence, it is important not only to treat eczema but your asthma as well.

Can homeopathy help treat eczema?

Homeopathic medicines help to improve the immune system, thereby treating eczema from the root. It helps to control itching, prevents the formation of new lesions and heals the existing lesions successfully without any side effects.

I have got eczema over my neck region and it increases when I am stressed. Can homeopathy help?

You seem to be suffering from a condition known as neurodermatitis (eczema caused due to stress). Homeopathic medicines helps to improve the ability to cope up with stress. Hence, homeopathy is a wonderful system of medicine to treat cases like yours.

Myths and facts

  1. Eczema is just dry skin.
    Eczema is inflammation of the skin & not merely dry skin
  2. Eczema is caused by stress.
    Stress can aggravate the existing eczema, but a direct role of stress causing eczema is not proven.
  3. You can catch eczema from your family members.
    Eczema is not contagious. You can not catch it from anybody.
  4. Eczema can be treated with applying moisturisers and using the correct soaps.
    Mere moisturising & using correct soaps will not treat eczema
  5. Eczemas persists throughout life.
    Eczema can be treated and does not persist throughout life.
  6. Blood purification is done for eczema treatment.
    Blood purification has nothing to do with eczema treatment.
  7. All eczemas are hereditary.
    All eczemas are not necessarily hereditary. Some of them have a genetic predisposition.
  8. Cosmetics help reduce eczemas.
    Cosmetics can aggravate eczemas and certainly do not cure them.
  9. Hand-washing helps to moisturise the hands.
    Hand-washing leads to the stripping of natural oils and moisture from the skin, making it dry and irritated.
  10. Stopping particular food items will eliminate eczema.
    Food habits have no relationship to eczema.

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