Sexual Problems giving rise to Infertility Issues

Sexual Problems giving rise to Infertility Issues

Sex is a natural function performed by our body. However, during every couple’s life together there will be times when there are sexual problems. These can occur for a myriad of reasons, perhaps as a result of illness or because there is a natural occurrence in one partner’s life (such as low levels of testosterone in men or lowered desire after a woman gives birth). Often it’s just a case of patience and understanding, but sometimes people can get worryingly out of step sexually, and this can threaten the whole relationship and fertility process. Communication can begin to breakdown, and problems escalate to medical levels of frequently visiting doctors to get the right infertility treatment!

If sex is allowed to happen naturally and in a relaxed way, the body will respond normally without any conscious effort and the need of medical checkups and infertility treatment. Common reasons for infertility or situations that can upset this normal sexual responsiveness are as follows:

Misunderstanding or lack of information about sex; not knowing what to expect or how to act, bad feelings about sex or its consequences; fear of pregnancy or pain; fear of being caught, overheard or interrupted; fear of failing to perform normally or well; fear of losing control (becoming incontinent or unattractive); fear of the partner losing control; guilt (believing that sex is wrong); disgust (feeling that sex is dirty or messy).

Besides there are other problems in the relationship which may lead to becoming the cause of infertility for an individual; feeling angry, bitter or resentful towards the partner; feeling insecure or frightened of being hurt, bad feeling; feeling depressed, worthless, not deserving pleasure; feeling unattractive, unhappy with the body, unsuitable circumstances; feeling too tired, or hurried, or preoccupied with other things; lack of comfort, warmth or privacy, alcohol, some drugs or medicaments. The desire for sex may also fade away when sick or had an accident. It returns gradually as health is regained.

How to fix the issue?

A little detective work may uncover that the root cause or reasons for infertility are something that can be fixed with a reorganization of the couple’s lifestyle and if needed taking the right approach to get the best infertility treatment.

The first key to start the infertility treatment is communicating with your partner well. Start by praising a partner for what is working, and reaffirm your positive feelings for him or her. If you're the one with the problem, state it clearly, describe the feelings you have about it (worried/embarrassed) and ask for help. Your partner will appreciate knowing what works for you and what doesn't.

Still, if you feel nothing is helping you or your condition, don’t hesitate to seek medical help. It is very important to know that sexual problems or infertility symptoms are results of disturbances happening at both the levels; physical as well as mental.

A homeopathy is a natural form of mind-body medicine. Therefore, it is ideally geared to treat and correct many of the underlying symptoms of infertility. Homeopathic infertility treatment depends upon the manifestation of the disease, along with personality or distinctive characteristics of the individual. It takes into consideration actual symptoms of the disorder along with individual personality traits like lifestyle, body build up, mental makeup and temperament. That is how the homeopathic medicines are able to treat the root cause of the problem and address the problem in its entirety. An added benefit of homeopathic infertility treatment is that it has no side-effects at all.

Besides taking medical help, it is imperative to make certain lifestyle changes. Avoid cigarettes and any drugs that may affect sperm count or reduce sexual function. Overweight couples should try to reduce weight. Get sufficient rest, and exercise moderately but regularly. Remember, excessive exercise can also impair fertility function of your body. Another major factor is stress, you should learn to cope up with the emotional complications which may put down your confidence and make you feel depressed.

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