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Say goodbye to Upper Respiratory Tract Infection with homeopathy!

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You say ‘Hi!’ to one of your office colleagues and ask for his/her well being ‘How are you doing?’ The response you get is this - ‘Oh god! I’m sick and tired of this nasty cold! My cough is getting worse and my throat really sore, my back is aching and painful and my ear is clicking and sore. It’s been almost a week I could barely sleep in the night!!’

While all of us have experienced similar symptoms at some point in our lives, it could give sleepless nights to many people. Usually, it gets better in 2-3 days, but reports have shown that upper respiratory infection symptoms may last even longer (7-10 days), if not treated on time. Usually, we don’t even want to put extra effort to approach a doctor to treat something as simple as ‘cold’. When it doesn’t get better with time and self-medication, we say, ‘Hmm! something is serious. It’s time to go to a doctor.’

When you approach a doctor for upper respiratory tract infection, it’s likely that you will get antibiotics in your hand to pop thrice/twice in a day. Magically, you get better in two days and you feel ‘Wow’ you nailed it!’ What if you again catch a cold after a month or two? You will feel sad, right? That’s because you are not getting an appropriate treatment to cure your upper respiratory infection symptoms or you might be ignoring the symptoms thinking that it’s just a ‘cold’!

We must tell you that, you should never ignore the below symptoms of upper respiratory tract infection to avoid further complications –

Physical symptoms:

  • watery nasal mucus
  • sneezing
  • blocked nose
  • headache
  • fatigue
  • fever (occasional)
  • sore throat
  • cough
  • abrupt bouts of cold for children

Psychological symptoms:

  • The child may become extremely irritable.
  • The child may be unable to concentrate on studies or work.

These conditions usually stop on their own. They are extremely common, a young child can expect about 3-8 colds a year. Children tend to get more upper respiratory tract infections than adults because they have not yet built up immunity (resistance) to the many viruses that can cause these infections.

Also, it’s very important for you to know that if you or your child is suffering from cold more than three times a year or on frequent antibiotics is considered to suffer from low immunity. In that case, you can opt for homeopathy. Why? Because homeopathy treatment can offer a safe and effective alternative to help patients recover more quickly from upper respiratory tract infection. Homeopaths identify the characteristic symptoms of the upper respiratory infection in an individual person. Therefore, the remedies suggested to each and every individual is different, depending on the:

  • individual symptoms
  • factors causing the disease
  • triggering factors
  • concomitant symptoms

Homeopathic treatment when given for a sustained period of time brings down the intensity, frequency and duration of attacks. It also helps in building up self-immunity. So, the next time you feel you’re going to catch a cold, or have a runny nose, don’t allow it to play sniffles with you. Beat your ‘nosey blues’ with homeopathy, promptly.

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