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Asthma Treatment

Homeopathic advantage

Conventional treatment Possible side-effects of conventional treatment* Advantages of homeopathy
Oral medications, rescue/ controller inhalers Drug dependency, drowsiness, dry mouth, headache and more No drug dependency
Immune modulators Suppresses the immune system, muscle pain, sore throat, fatigue and more No side-effects

* Treatment effects may vary from person to person

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Asthma Treatment

Homeopathy has proven efficacy in the case of asthma treatment. The Indian Journal of Research in Homeopathy, 2015, showed homeopathy in a positive role in reducing the frequency, intensity and duration of acute asthma. It also noted a reduced drug dependency in 2641 patients from all over India.

In another research study published in the Journal of Advances in Integrative Medicine, 2018, found that homeopathic medicine for asthma was more effective than conventional treatment.

Suffering from asthma can make your airways extremely narrowed, swollen and also increase the production of mucus. The immune system of an asthmatic person becomes hypersensitive and hence reacts abnormally. There are several treatments available to manage asthma symptoms. Prevention and long-term control are important to reduce asthma attacks. During an asthma flare-up, you may need to use a quick-relief inhaler. In terms of conventional asthma treatment, the medications only offer control of the symptoms. The side-effects of conventional asthma treatment include weakness, headache, weight gain, increased heart rate and an upset stomach, amongst others. The side-effects are generally mild; however, long-term use of steroids can cause aggravated side effects.

Asthma treatment in homeopathy helps to alter the immune response of the body. Homeopathic asthma treatment not only addresses the symptoms but also helps to significantly improve the quality of life of the individual. Asthma medications in homeopathy do not involve any generic medicines. This is because no two asthmatic individuals have the same symptoms. Homeopathy is well recommended for chronic complaints and the prevention of future complications in asthma.

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Why Dr Batra's™?

At Dr Batra’s™, we have to our credit; the rich experience of treating respiratory problems for more than 30,000 patients over a period of 35 years. Asthma treatment at Dr Batra’s™ offers the best medicine for asthma, which is safe, natural and cost-effective. It aims at providing long-lasting relief to the patients. For an accurate diagnosis, the homeopathy doctor conducts an in-depth consultation. After determining the root cause, an individualized treatment plan is prescribed. Homeopathic medicine for asthma focuses on reducing the sensitivity towards allergens and the frequency of the attacks. It shortens the duration as compared to attacks experienced before the treatments. Homeopathic medicines for asthma also focus on addressing allergic tendencies which is one of the main causes of asthma. As authenticated by the American Quality Assessors, Dr Batra’sTM has a success rate of 96.3% in treating respiratory problems including asthma.

The response to asthma treatment depends on various factors such as the duration of the ailment, general health of the patient as well as the extent of severity. Asthma treatment in homeopathy helps to manage all the symptoms – be it physical, mental and/or emotional. It is recommended for all cases, be it acute or chronic asthma.

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What is the most effective treatment for asthma?

The general course of asthma treatment involves the use of inhalers or oral medications. But long-term use may come with a risk of potential side-effects. Asthma treatment in homeopathy is not just effective but also safe and side-effect-free. It aims at improving the body’s immunity to fight the condition and increase the disease-free period. Homeopathic medicine for asthma is made from natural ingredients which makes it suitable for all age groups. It also helps to reduce the severity and prevents any further complications.

What kind of food is good for asthma?

Following a nutritious diet plan can help to enhance the effects of asthma treatment. The following foods may prove to be beneficial:
  • Vitamin D - Getting enough vitamin D can help with asthma attack treatment. Milk, egg yolks, mackerel or mushrooms are some of the rich sources of vitamin D. To increase vitamin D levels, you can also spend a few minutes outdoor in the sun.
  • Vitamin A - Higher levels of vitamin A helps in better lung functioning. Good sources of vitamin A include carrots, broccoli and leafy greens such as spinach.
  • Anti-inflammatory foods - Garlic and ginger both are known to have anti-inflammatory properties. Adding them to your daily diet can help reduce airway inflammation and fight lung infections.
  • Ejaculation problem- Having difficulty with ejaculation or ejaculation of small volumes of fluid can have an effect on fertility.

What are the 3 types of asthma?

The three main types of asthma are nocturnal asthma, exercise-induced asthma and allergic asthma.
  • Nocturnal asthma (night-time asthma) - As the name suggests, the symptoms are worse at night. This can make sleeping difficult and leave you feeling tired during the day.
  • Exercise-induced asthma - It is triggered due to strenuous exercise or physical exertion. It results in normal asthma symptoms such as shortness of breath, wheezing, coughing or other symptoms during or after exercise.
  • Allergic asthma (seasonal asthma) - It is triggered when the patient comes in contact with an allergen. Few patients may experience flare-up symptoms, particularly in the winter season. To know the exact trigger and the right asthma treatment, it is best to consult an expert doctor.

What is the main cause of asthma?

The exact cause of asthma remains unclear, but it is caused mainly by a combination of environmental and genetic factors. Contact with certain irritants or exposure to infections in early childhood when the immune system isn't fully developed has been linked to the cause of asthma. On the other hand, continuous exposure to certain chemicals or dust may also play a role in adult-onset asthma. In some cases, emotional factors such as anxiety and worry may also trigger asthma symptoms.

What drink is good for asthma?

Following easy-to-make natural drinks can aid in asthma treatment:
  • Tomatoes are rich in antioxidants and a worthy addition to your anti-asthma diet. Tomato juice is beneficial to help relax the inflammation in the airways.
  • Consuming honey with hot water can help to remove phlegm that causes difficulty in breathing.
  • Having turmeric tea with ginger twice a day can complement asthma treatment.

The right asthma treatment makes a big difference in preventing both short-term and long-term complications. To know more, consult our team of homeopathic experts for safe, effective and long-lasting asthma treatment visit:

People with asthma shouldn't exercise.

People with asthma generally do better with exercise, provided the exercise is performed under medical guidance. Exercising in environments with relatively high humidity is better, since exercise-induced bronchospasm (EIB) can be caused by drying of the airways. Slow warm-up and cool-down periods with exercise also helps to prevent EIB.

You can outgrow asthma.

Asthma may improve with age, but it’s a lifelong condition that needs medical help. Asthma symptoms may change over time and become intermittent or disappear. This may be due to environmental changes or changes in the body as people age. Some people with asthma at a young age can also see it return later in life, usually triggered by an illness or environmental issue. Nobody really outgrows asthma. The tendency for airway inflammation will always be there once asthma has been diagnosed.

Food allergy causes asthma.

Although 25% people think they’re allergic to certain foods, studies show that only 6% children and 2% adults have a food allergy. Far more people simply have food intolerance, which brings about unpleasant symptoms triggered by food, but does not involve the immune system.

Strawberries and tomatoes cause asthma.

Although people can be allergic to any kind of food, most food allergies are caused by peanuts, cow’s milk, eggs, soy, wheat, fish and shellfish.

Sugar allergy causes asthma.

A condition is called a food allergy when the immune system thinks a certain protein in food is a ‘foreign’ agent and fights against it. This does not happen with sugars and/or fats.


Homeopathy Treatment results

Mr. Rana Shah was frightened to see his son Mayank suffering from asthma at a very young age. He expresses his earlier concern that his son was too small to take anti-depressants and inhalers. When he came to Dr Batra’s, he had lost all hopes whether his kid was going to live a healthy life or not. He contacted Dr Batra’s over call, enquired about the nearest clinic and booked an appointment. His son is fine now and continuing the medication.

Shrinivas Kasulla was suffering from multiple problems like asthma, hair fall problem and acidity when he visited Dr Batra’s 9 months back. After taking the homeopathic treatment for all the ailments, he feels recovered and happy. Earlier, he was using 1 inhaler every month which is approximately taking 15-20 puffs every day. Now, he doesn’t even feel like touching inhalers. He can eat anything, feels very light and free as his indigestion and acidity problem is resolved.

Want to understand the severity of your asthma? Take the asthma evaluation test: Test Now

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