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What Is Psoriasis?

Psoriasis is an auto-immune skin disorder that affects 2 – 3% people of the world. Red scaly patches varying in diameters form on the surface of the skin and they are usually covered with white flakes. It can also be accompanied by itching and soreness. It is a chronic disease that leaves patches usually on the scalp, knees, elbows and can be anywhere on the body.

What Causes Psoriasis?

Though there is no conclusive evidence that can pin point the psoriasis causes, however, there are some probable factors:

  1. Genetics:There are researches that show that 90% of people inherit the genes which can cause psoriasis. Children of parents affected by psoriasis have an almost 60% chance of being affected by the disorder.
  2. Immune System: The immune system sends signals to the body which sees rapid cellular production without the shedding of old one’s which eventually lead to accumulation and lesions on the skin.
  3. Environmental Factors: Other factors such as trauma, other medications, stress and infections can trigger the condition.

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What Are The Symptoms?

The psoriasis symptoms may vary depending on the type and severity of the condition. Here are few of the common symptoms:

  1. Patchy red skin with inflammation, covered with silvery or white flakes.
  2. Itching and burning at the affected area, with cracked and dry skin.
  3. Scaly lesions or plaques on the scalp
  4. Discoloration and pitting of fingernails and toenails, nails may crumble or detach themselves from the nail bed.
  5. Dryness of the skin can lead to cracking and bleeding.

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Does Homeopathy Help In Psoriasis Treatment?

Conventional methods of treatment include application of topical lotions and ointments which contain salicylic acid or steroids. Phototherapies like UV light therapy is also used to treat the skin lesions. But all these methods attempt to solve the problem at the superficial level. They just suppress the symptoms and hence the chance of the problem relapsing is high.

Homeopathic treatment for psoriasis on the other hand offers a holistic approach where the root cause of the problem is identified and dealt with. Homeopathy provides a customized treatment plan for each patient depending on their history, temperaments and environment, thus addressing the underlying issue and also treating the external lesions.

Homeopathic medicines for psoriasis help the immune system of the body to regulate its attacks on the skin. Multiple researches show that homeopathy offers scientific solutions for treating psoriasis. There are various cases where patients have benefited from homeopathic medicines for psoriasis when conventional medicines yielded little results.

Clinical research studies conducted in various countries show that 81-97 per cent of psoriatic patients showed improvement and with no side-effects. Homeopathy not only treats the disease from its root but also improves the overall quality of life of the patient. Since psoriasis is a chronic disease, it takes a long-term treatment plan. This is only because of the nature of the ailment and not because homeopathic treatment is slow.

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