Precious Tips to Help Your Child have Better Immunity

Precious Tips to Help Your Child have Better Immunity

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April 4, 2017 , Last updated: April 30, 2024

Does your child suffer from low energy levels, loss of appetite, sleep disturbances, easily affected by the environmental changes, delayed wound healing, takes longer to recover than other children, has not grown as tall as his classmates, suffers of a weak memory or low concentration level, suffers of recurrent infections and allergies, catches cold easily, gets fever off and on, gets cough immediately as soon as they eat an ice-cream or have a cold drink. If your child suffers of any of these symptoms then they are low on immunity.

What is Immunity?

Immunity is your body’s way of helping to protect you from infection. When your body encounters a foreign organism like a bacteria or a virus your body’s defensive mechanism are set in motion. There are varieties of agents which influence the body’s defense mechanism like environmental factors, diet, sleep, mental condition, nutrition, exercises, etc. Our immune system protects us and helps fight off disease. It protects and prevents the pathogens from entering the body. When functioning properly, the immune system identifies a variety of threats, including viruses, bacteria and parasites, and distinguishes them from the body's own healthy tissue.

When the immune system gets deranged it gives a hyper-response to an external allergen and shows up symptoms as mentioned in the introduction. 

Homeopathy and Immunity

Homeopathy is a natural medicine at treats holistically. Homeopathy strengthens the defense system and improves healing. Homeopathy helps to reduce the severity, duration and frequency of complaints. Homeopathy reduces the tendency to infections. Homeopathy also reduces the intake of conventional medicines which have known side-effects. Homeopathic medicine helps to increase disease free period. Homeopathic medicine helps to enhance the nutrient absorption and assimilation. It improves general health. Use of homeopathic medicine reduces absenteeism in school. It helps to improve the concentration levels in children. Homeopathic medicine helps to improve the academic performance and overall improve the quality of life. Being sweet pills homeopathic medicine is loved by all children.

Self Help Tips For Optimum Immunity

Cleaning your hands especially after touching anyone or anything that may be germy is a key to defending yourself against cold and flu viruses.

Viruses on the toothbrush can contaminate other’s toothbrush, so make sure your family’s brushes are placed on a holder that keeps them apart.

Feed your child with adequate Vitamin C rich foods like limes, oranges, kiwis, amla (unless they are allergic to any of these fruits) which can prevent frequent attacks of cold or also reduce the duration or number of days of cold. Eat more fruits

Let them drink adequate water which helps to reduce the symptoms of allergy.

Cut on their sweets, chocolate, candy intake as they are growth medium for the bacteria.

When your child touches the mouth, nose or eyes, they help the virus to go where they want to cause mischief. So educate them not to bite their nails or pick their nose.

Childhood obesity is another common issue when low immunity comes to mind. So if your child is overweight then encourage them to lose weight by making them join aerobic classes like swimming, dancing, etc. Some of the spices help to boost your immune system like turmeric which is a known natural antiseptic against infections.

Sleep time for children should be strictly adhered to so that they can catch up enough sleep and their concentration levels get better along with their immunity being optimum.

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