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Piles - FAQs

I developed piles after childbirth, and even though there is no pain, there is some amount of bleeding while passing stools. Can homeopathy help?

Yes. Post-delivery piles are very common, owing to the pressure exerted by the baby over the walls of the rectum. Most women recover from this soon after childbirth, but the few (one out of seven) who don’t may need medical attention.

I am a 32-year-old man who has undergone surgery twice for recurring piles. I do not want to go under the knife again. Is there any way to prevent it through homeopathy?

Of all the diseases, the most feared are the ones that remind us of the surgeon’s knife. Piles is just one of those diseases. In your case, recurring piles signifies some underlying medical illness, which requires attention. Homeopathy can treat the root cause of this disease and reduce the tendency to develop piles.

I am suffering from piles since the past five or six months. It is extremely painful and affecting my day-to-day activities. Can homeopathy help relieve my pain?

Homeopathy can help relieve the distressing symptoms of bleeding, pain and discomfort. In association with piles, some people often develop fissures (i.e., cuts in the skin around the anus), which tends to worsen their condition. Start your treatment early to get better results. Consult our doctors for further evaluation.

I have tried all sorts of treatments - from stool softeners to creams - to get relief from hard stools and itchy, painful piles. None of them worked. Can you help?

Stool softeners and creams can help in the treatment of constipation and piles to a certain extent. However, it is essential to evaluate the medical or lifestyle reasons behind hard stools and, thereby, piles. Homeopathy’s holistic approach helps to identify and treat the underlying cause. At Dr Batra’s™, along with the treatment, our doctors will also guide you to a healthy lifestyle, diet and exercise.

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