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Mistakes That Are Giving You Dry Skin

Mistakes That Are Giving You Dry Skin

Sonia is a homemaker and mother of two children. She takes good care of her skin and hair. She always had dry skin on her arms and legs, but of late she has noticed the dry skin patches develop on her cheeks and forehead. Sonia got herself checked for any health issues including thyroid problems, but all her reports came out normal. She wondered whether something was lacking in her daily skin care routine.

Like Sonia, we often make certain mistakes in our daily care routine which are to blame for most of our skin and hair problems. Here are the top 10 dry skin mistakes you need to stop.

  1. Taking long and hot showers

While a hot shower may be the best thing after a long day at work, it might do you more harm than good if you have dry skin. Heat sucks out the natural moisture from your skin and leaves it looking dull and lifeless. Stick with lukewarm water in the bath. Wash your face with cold water to maintain a natural glow and seal your pores.

  1. Overloading on synthetic products

One of the major dry skin mistakes is using fragrant lotions and moisturisers. Brightly coloured skin lotions may look appealing but they often have more chemicals than natural ingredients. They provide a temporary layer of moisture but end up drying out your skin over longer periods. Skip moisturisers that mention any added ingredients, on the bottle, such as ‘fragrance’, ‘dyes’ or ‘parfums’.

  1. Using an old razor

When you’re in a hurry, you probably run the razor quickly over your skin without applying sufficient shaving lather first. Dry shaving or using an old razor strips your skin off its natural moisture and leaves you with itchy, cracked surface. Opt for waxing your arms and legs instead.

  1. Using lotion on ‘dry’ skin

This might sound confusing. If you have dry skin, you need a moisturiser, so how is it a mistake? The mistake lies in the fact that most people wait until their skin is dried out before applying a moisturiser. This reduces the effect of the product. You need to slather on the lotion while your skin is still moist post-bath and your pores are open.

  1. Forgetting the SPF

Do you go out in the sun daily? Then you need a good sunscreen to protect from the harsh rays of the sun. Constant exposure to UV rays will leave you with a dry skin and early appearance of wrinkles and age spots. Sunscreen is especially important if you plan to head to the beach or swim in an outdoor pool.

  1. Sitting in the air conditioner all day

Air conditioning and indoor heating are known to cause dry skin and worsen pre-existing skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema. If you sit in the A/c all day at work or at home, keep a small bowl of water on the table near you to make up for the lack of moisture in the air.

  1. Buying alcohol-based toners and cleansers

Another of the big dry skin mistakes is using toners and cleansers with alcohol content. Alcohol breaks through the natural oil barrier in your skin and can leave you with a dull complexion. Many good alcohol-free products are available in the market. Read the label the next time you make a purchase.

  1. Not drinking enough water

Amid hectic routines, we often skip that glass of water and this can lead to dehydration on the long run. Coffee, tea, and fruit juices can’t substitute the need for water in your body. This is one of the dry skin mistakes that can cause other problems including brittle nails and hair.

  1. Exfoliating too aggressively

The tiny beads in your face or body scrub are often packed with chemicals. This can be quite harsh on your delicate pores. If you have dry skin, use a scrub only once a week. Any more than that will strip the natural oil off your skin, leaving it dry and cracked.

      10.Using powder based makeup

If you have dry skin, using lots of compact and powder based foundation or eyeshadow is going to make those face lines even worse. While the rule of using minimal makeup still holds true, use cream-based cosmetics to save yourself from looking flaky. Always apply a hydrating primer before you put on any makeup.

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