Itch- Itch Everywhere

Itch- Itch Everywhere

26years Priyanka suffered from itching all over the body every evening since 3years. It would appear as a red rash which looked like mosquito bites and there was sense of heat in the affected area.  The eruptions occurred daily and would subside after sometime and at times she would require an anti-allergic to control the itch. Recently the frequency of taking anti-allergic had gone very high. There was no improvement in her case despite taking conventional medicine. Then she visited a homoeopath and after taking detailed case study, she was also found to develop this rash when someone would pressurize her hand or when she would wear tight clothing. She was diagnosed as suffering from Hives. She did not suffer from any food allergy though but she was highly stressed regarding her job and marriage. On the basis of her case history she was given homoeopathic medicines. Slowly and steadily the intensity and frequency of her itching complaints came down and now after almost 1 year of homoeopathic treatment she is totally off her anti-allergic.

Urticaria or hives is also called as Nettle rash. Urticaria or Hives is a skin condition which presents as red itchy swollen areas of different sizes. There is intense itch, burning and sense of heat when it appears on the skin. The rash appears and sometimes disappears by itself in a few hours or a days’ time or would require medicines if it does not settle for days/weeks together. In some cases when it gets more severe it could cause angioedema where the wheals are large and extensive and could be there for a few hours to days and could cause choking of the respiratory airways and death too. Urticaria is seen in all ages and both sexes.

Homoeopathy in Urticaria

Homeopathic medicines are very effective in treating Urticaria.

Homoeopathic medicines follow a curative rather than a suppressive approach while treating Urticaria.

Homeopathy focuses on the patient as a person and the pathological condition too.

Anti-histaminic is the only choice in conventional medicine but it has known side-effects and only suppresses the excess histamine release by the skin which causes itching. Homoeopathy helps build immunity which helps the skin sensors to function normally and produce histamine in adequate amounts by bringing back the deviated immune system back to normalcy.

Homoeopathy is non-addictive and has zero side-effects.

Homeopathic medicines help to reduce the frequency and intensity of the episodes and also help to eliminate the use of conventional medicines which have known side-effects.

Homoeopathy helps to improve the health related quality of life.

Self Care Tips

Identify and eliminate the risk factor.

Apply a sunscreen before you step out in the sun.

Use a good moisturizing lotion or calamine lotion which relieves the itching and burning of skin during the attack.

Avoid scratching the skin or using luffa while having bath as it could trigger Urticaria.

Ice-packs are beneficial to reduce itch and heat sensation.

Avoid food which cause allergy like sea-foods, nuts, dairy products, glutens, processed foods.

De-stress yourself by practicing yoga and meditation which helps to reduce the frequency and intensity of attacks.

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