Don't let a small thyroid gland
cause big problems.


Hyperthyroidism - Diagnosis

Our doctors will first study the patient’s complaints and note down the exact onset of symptoms, how long the symptoms have persisted and understand what difference they have made to the patient’s overall health. Diagnosing hyperthyroidism early helps with effective treatment.

TSH testing

While diagnosing hyperthyroidism, our doctors will take both the symptoms and results of the TSH test into account. TSH levels are always maintained within a range. A simple blood test can confirm the diagnosis of hyperthyroidism by checking the levels of TSH.


  • Heart problems: some of the most serious complications of hyperthyroidism involve the heart. These include a rapid heart rate, disturbance in the heart rhythm and even heart failure. These complications are generally reversible with appropriate treatment.
  • Brittle bones: untreated hyperthyroidism can also lead to weak, brittle bones (osteoporosis). The strength of bones depends, in part, on the amount of calcium and other minerals they contain. Too much of the thyroid hormone interferes with the body's ability to maintain calcium in the bones.
  • Eye problems: people with Graves' disease develop eye problems, including bulging, red or swollen eyes, sensitivity to light and blurring or double vision. Untreated, severe eye problems can lead to vision loss.
  • Red, swollen skin: in rare cases, people with Graves' disease may get redness and swelling on the skin, commonly on the shin and feet.
  • Thyrotoxic crisis: hyperthyroidism also places the patient at a risk of thyrotoxic crisis, a sudden increase of symptoms, leading to a fever, rapid pulse and even delirium. If this occurs, the patient should seek immediate medical care.

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