How to choose a right doctor for hair falling treatment?

How to choose a right doctor for hair falling treatment?

Choosing a doctor for hair falling treatment today is both easier than in the past and, at the same time, more difficult. If your hair loss condition is caused by anything other than genetics, you would like to see a dermatologist for an examination and hair fall treatment. If your hair loss is genetic, you have a wider range of health experts to choose from.  

 We now even have hair restoration clinics making bold advertising claims, presenting infomercials on TV and radio, and using sales people to close deals. With all these things put together, it has become harder than ever before to find the very best doctor who can suggest us an appropriate hair falling treatment.

The first step in selecting the right doctor is self-education. If you haven’t heard about trichology, we must tell you that it is the branch of medical and cosmetic study and practice concerned with the hair and scalp. Trichologist is a specialist who diagnoses your condition considering all the points – right from your general health to any serious ailment contributing to your hair loss condition.

If you feel your hair loss is the result of genetics, or may be due to a disease condition (e.g. thyroid), or from a medication you are taking, or from some other cause, you can always consult a trichologist to get the right hair loss treatment, without keeping any secondary thought in your mind.

During your first visit to the doctor, you will be asked questions about your general health and well-being, any history of baldness or hair loss in your family, medications you are taking, exposure to environmental factors like stress, pollution, or cosmetics. Summarizing all these things to your medical report, the doctor may suggest you few tests to undergo before giving you hair falling treatment.

As a part of hair loss treatment at Dr Batra’s, trichologists at the clinic uses advanced scientific technology to monitor your treatment progress and outcome. Video microscope is one such scientific tool to magnify your hair and scalp 200 times. It allows the trichologist to evaluate the condition of your hair and scalp, which is evidently visible on the computer screen.

The best part is that even you can watch your scalp under high magnification on the screen. Nothing can be more exciting than watching ‘live’ what the trichologist perceives — seeing, after all, is believing!

Hence, a detailed analysis of your hair and scalp condition will provide trichologists valuable information about your bodily functions and the reason behind your hair falling from the head.

Once the cause of your hair loss is detected, the doctor will prescribe you an appropriate treatment comprising of homeopathy medicine for hair loss and advanced scientific technology. Besides, the trichologist will also guide you on what to eat, what not, what should be your lifestyle to boost your hair growth, nourish and strengthen them from the root.

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