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How can GenoHomeopathy help you?

How can GenoHomeopathy help you?

Knowing about your genetic makeup can help you understand your own health and make healthy choices.

Are you predisposed to hair loss, as it runs in your family? Do you wish to prevent your child from getting diagnosed with a medical problem in future? Do you think you are at-risk for diabetes because your mother has it? Don’t worry! You can get to know all of this and much more with GenoHomeopathy, a new age revolutionary and customized treatment.

GenoHomeopathy can help you diagnose an existing illness if you are suffering from any or can predict a medical condition that you might be diagnosed with in future, even before the symptoms appear. Underlying illnesses can show up 15-20 years before they do in a blood test.

GenoHomeopathy is genetically personalized homeopathic care that involves designing a treatment based on individual genome sequencing. It combines personality and genetics for scientific and targeted treatment. It is a personalized treatment, as no two people on this planet have the same genes. Genes of every person are as unique as his fingerprint or iris. Therefore, with GenoHomeopathy, no two patients with even the same medical condition will be given same medicines. Medicines will be given based on your genetic make-up, and will be as unique as every individual, so that the medicines work more effectively for every patient.

Research studies have indicated that homeopathic medicines have the ability to correct any underlying illnesses without side-effects. GenoHomeopathy goes to the root of the problem; right to the patient’s genes and treats it with precise and unique homeopathic medicines. As the root cause of the medical problem is treated, the patients not only get relief from unpleasant symptoms but a long-lasting cure for their medical condition.

So, how does knowing your genetics help you?

• It helps you get to the root of your medical problem

• Know if you are at risk of getting a medical disorder in future

• Eliminate the need for unnecessary checkups and screening, saving time and money

• Helps in prevention, monitoring and getting customized treatment options

• Newborn screening can identify genetic disorders early in life so the treatment can be started as early as possible

• It can also help you identify your child’s innate personality traits Therefore, if you wish to take the benefit of this revolutionary personalized treatment approach, you can visit any of our clinics near to your location and ask for the GenoHomepathy test.

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