Homeopathy treats excessive, unwanted sweating

Excess Sweating Treatment in Homeopathy

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December 15, 2021

How Excess Sweat Occurs?

We are an extremely adaptive species. We are constantly evolving and maintaining our balance and harmony. This process is constant. For example, in the tropics on a hot, sunny day, we sweat profusely. In extremely cold weather, we shiver. The endocrine and nervous systems are primarily involved in mediating how, our body makes certain small, subtle adjustments. This is called homeostatic balance. The outcome of this reaction is presented in the form of symptoms, the basis of homeopathic treatment.

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There are scores of people, who suffer from excessive sweating for no real reason in summer, or winter. Excessive sweating is called hyperhidrosis, it highlights sweating that is far beyond what the body, on average, needs. Most people who suffer from excessive sweating are often normal although some may be anxious, or restless, and more than lacking in terms of self-confidence.

Excessive sweating often creates a stigma with one’s damp, dripping hands, feet, and armpits. It makes the sweaty individual “freeze” before a handshake, or uncomfortable at the workplace, or during social interaction.

Homeopathy treats excessive unwanted sweating


How Homeopathy Treatment & Medicine treats Excess Sweating

Homeopathy looks at the type of sweating and its unique nature. Not just sweating in isolation. It aims at understanding the cause. For example, excessive sweating, in a sensitive individual may be due to extreme anxiety, or apprehension of an approaching event, a job interview, or something one can’t comprehend. The fact is the trigger exists somewhere, deep inside the body and mind. This is a key area a professional homeopath would analyze while treating sweaty distress.

The homeopathic medicine, Silicea, for example, is most useful in individuals who are visibly hypersensitive and suffer from foot sweats with an extremely foul odor. Acidum Hydrofluoricum is, likewise, useful in individuals, who have excessive sweating of palms and feet but feel better in cool, open-air, or under a ceiling fan.

Calcarea Caronica is effective in overweight individuals, presenting with symptoms of profuse, uncontrolled sweating. Iodum is useful in excessive sweating in humid conditions.

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