Homeopathy treats allergies in children

Homeopathic Treatment for Allergies in Children without Side Effects

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December 15, 2021

How does Allergies occurs in Children?

Allergies affect millions of youngsters. Certain foods cause allergies in about 12% of children under the age of seven. One of the primary causes of chronic illness is allergies. Allergies like hay fever (allergic rhinitis) and other allergic reactions were uncommon sixty years ago. Today, schools have anti-allergic drugs on hand to treat children.

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Homeopathy is a safe and effective treatment for both acute seasonal and chronic allergies, and it is a holistic approach. During the symptom-free part of the year, we recommend using constitutional medicine to get rid of allergies. It's also the treatment that best fits a child's qualities.

Allergies affect a large number of children at birth. When their symptoms are subdued with traditional drugs, some people develop sinusitis and asthma. Children can also have severe allergies to dogs and cats, therefore parents should control their reactions as well. Such unfavorable situations can irritate caring parents.

Homeopathy Treatment, Medicine and Research Study on Allergies in Children

According to The British homeopath Ch Blackely, pollen exposure is the source of seasonal sneezing and nasal surges. In the British Medical Journal (2000), the Glasgow Royal Infirmary Researchers and the University of Sydney revealed the results of a multi-centre, double-blind, placebo-controlled allergy. When compared to a placebo, the results demonstrated a significant improvement after homeopathic treatment.

Homeopathy is the pioneer in allergy research and treatment. For instance, Apis Mellifica, a honeybee-derived homeopathic medicine, can be used to treat a severe allergic reaction to bee stings gently and effectively.

Homeopathy treats allergies in children


Why Dr. Batra’s® for Allergies in Children?

Dr Batra’s® Allergone is a scientifically proven solution for food, skin, and respiratory allergies that can help treat your child in a safe, natural, and side-effect-free way. Dr Batra’s® Allergone allows people to test and determine over 45 food-based allergens in just 35 minutes through an international, simple, and convenient single prick test. People with respiratory issues can breathe healthy with the 1st of its kind, Homeopathic nebulization. It is a scientifically proven, non-steroidal, and side-effect-free homeopathic nebulizer that can cure your respiratory allergies. Patients with skin problems can harness the goodness of Dr Batra’s® Dermaheal, a revolutionary skin care treatment, combined with the goodness of UVB light rays and homeopathy to treat skin allergies safely and naturally.

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