Homeopathy for hair pulling disorder

Homeopathy for hair pulling disorder

April 17, 2021

Trichotillomania is a scientific term for hair loss triggered by pulling one's own hair. It involves recurrent, irresistible urges to pull out hair from your scalp, eyebrows, or other areas of your body. This form of behavior is usually classified as a behavioral disorder. And it is typically connected with a strong feeling of shame and lesser value that usually results in withdrawal or social awkwardness. The causes are various, but the disorder is very much stress-related as it is frequently triggered by a switch to a more stressful lifestyle or environment.

Trichotillomania symptoms

Some common trichotillomania symptoms are as follows:

  • Playing with hair, twirling the hair, and end up pulling it
  • Ease of tension or feeling of satisfaction with hair pulling
  • Hair thinning
  • An irregular bald patch with side predominance
  • Report unsuccessful efforts to control the urge to pull out hair
  • A report going through stressful situations like exam stress, bullying, family issues, work stress, etc.
  • Other body damaging habits such as nail-biting, eating hair, etc.

Complications due to hair-pulling disorder

Some complications that result due to hair pulling disorder are as follows:

  • Frequent hair pulling might cause permanent damage to the hair roots. This can cause permanent baldness.
  • The person might go into social withdrawal and depression due to the inability to control the condition and concern over one’s appearance.

Some have a habit of chewing broken hair which can cause a ball of hair in the stomach. This would cause uncomfortable symptoms like pain and vomiting. It can also lead to intestinal obstruction.

How does homeopathy help to treat hair pulling disorder?

Homeopathy comes to the rescue of the people suffering from trichotillomania. Homeopathic medicines are selected based on a detailed case study. This includes the mental and emotional aspects of the patient’s personality besides the physical symptoms of trichotillomania. The homeopathic doctors view the patient as a whole who is suffering from a disturbance in his/her well-being rather than just the affected scalp. Homeopathic medicines thus selected help in improving the body’s response to stress. This, in turn, helps in controlling the urge to pull out one’s hair. Homeopathy treatment is safe, non-habit-forming, and provides long-lasting relief. Since it addresses the root cause of the problem, the hair fall treatment reduces the chances of recurrence.

In case you’re looking for a safe solution for trichotillomania, book an appointment with Dr Batra’s™. We can diagnose the root cause and come up with a custom-made hair fall treatment plan for you.

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