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Homeopathy For Erectile Dysfunction
Homeopathy For Erectile Dysfunction

Homeopathy for Erectile Dysfunction

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Stress, tough work-life schedules, junk-food, sedentary habits and biological clocks gone "wide of the mark"….. Is this how your life looks like? Well, you are not alone. In many people, these lifestyle issues have led to a host of lifestyle diseases - big and small, erectile dysfunction being one of the most common amongst men. It remains the leading cause of male infertility. An estimated 1 in 5 men have erectile dysfunction.

Homeopathy is one of the best male infertility treatments and unlike many conventional medicines, treats erectile dysfunction with natural and safe medicines, without causing any side-effects. So do not suffer silently. Book an appointment with an expert homeopath doctor to get an effective treatment for your erectile dysfunction problem


Erectile dysfunction, also known as impotence, is an inability in men to get and keep an erection firm enough to have sex. Though it is normal for men to have this issue some times, if erectile dysfunction is an ongoing problem, it can cause stress, affect self-confidence and contribute to relationship problems. It therefore needs to be treated. Also, problems getting or keeping an erection can be a sign of an underlying health condition that needs treatment and a risk factor for heart disease.

The prevalence of erectile dysfunction is underestimated, as a lot of people do not seek medical attention for this issue due to social pressure. As discussed before, it is estimated that 1 in 5 men have erectile dysfunction. This is a large number although a lot less is reported. Also, the incidence increases with age. The percentage of the disorder increases three fold as age grows from 40-70

However, it is recommended that you talk about your problem to your doctor get an effective solution. It is not something to hide but an ailment that like any other medical disorder needs to be treated. Click to get an effective treatment for erectile dysfunction.


Treatment for erectile dysfunction works by correcting the root cause of it.

The cause of erectile dysfunction is generally due to one of these two factors - psychological or physical.

Psychological causes

  • Stress - Stress at work, home or due to troubled relationship with partner can cause erectile dysfunction.
  • Depression and Anxiety - Those who are psychologically depressed or/and anxious are at a higher risk for infertility problems including erectile dysfunction.
  • Performance anxiety - Anxiety related to sexual performance can be one of the causes of erectile dysfunction. Other psychological causes include a history of sexual abuse, guilt about sexuality, and early homosexual experiences

Physical causes

  • Heart diseases, high blood pressure and diabetes - These ailments can cause disturbance in the blood flow. As the proper flow of blood is required to cause an erection, any disturbance in it causes erectile dysfunction.
  • Obesity – Increased body weight decreases metabolism and this can lead to erectile dysfunction and other male infertility problems.
  • Drugs, alcohol or smoking -Any abuse of such toxic substances can cause erectile dysfunction, as it causes narrowing of arteries.
  • Medicines -Side-effects of many medicines like anti-depressants, anti-histamines and anti-hypertensives can cause erectile dysfunction.
  • Age - Male infertility problems including erectile dysfunction increase with age. A lot of factors like excessive weight gain, slow metabolism, stress, hypertension and lack of exercise come into play with age.
  • Nervous disorders - Nervous disorders like Alzheimer’s, Stroke, Parkinson’s and Multiple Sclerosis can also cause erectile dysfunction.


Conventional medication recommends psychotherapy and exercises to help increase blood flow and release hormones, which act as mood elevators, besides oral drugs and hormonal treatments to correct erectile dysfunction. However, these methods often fail to take care of the cause and also carry the risk of side-effects

Homeopathy treatment for male infertility

Homeopathy is ideally geared to treat and correct several underlying predispositions for infertility in men, including erectile dysfunction. Moreover, it treats safely and gently, without side-effects, one of its most significant benefits over conventional treatment. Click to book an appointment with our expert homeopaths and get your sexual problem treated.

Your homeopathic doctor will recommend homeopathic medicines to treat any underlying ailment that might have resulted in erectile dysfunction. He will suggest regular effective exercises to help improve blood circulation. This will support homeopathic treatment of erectile dysfunction. Exercise also helps in keeping one’s weight in check, as excess weight negatively affects sexual activity. Your doctor will also advice you some lifestyle changes along with homeopathic medicines to treat infertility. For example, smoking, excessive alcohol and drugs affect infertility in men. Quit these habits to improve it. Eating a natural and balanced diet will also go a long way in treating this problem naturally


Our doctors at Dr Batra's systematically evaluate all the medical and psychological causes of male infertility including erectile dysfunction and offer treatment accordingly. Our medical board panel has reputed doctors to assess your reproductive health. We have endocrinologists, psychiatrists and senior experienced homeopaths, who will help treat all your sexual problems and bring back the happiness in your life. Visit our clinic today and bring back the lost happiness in your relationship!

Medically reviewed by
Dr. A Manjunath
BHMS, Banglore
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