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We all feel tired at times for no apparent reason. This is normal. Blame it on long working hours, stress, or what you may. You get over it, sooner than later. It is only when that awful, tired feeling comes to stay should you think of a problem that may be more deep-rooted than meets the eye...  on the surface. Add to this constant drowsiness, or a sleepy feeling, along with body ache, you have a good, real need to seek professional medical help.



Chronic fatigue syndrome [CFS] is a complex, debilitating disorder. It is characterised by excessive fatigue, even while attending to normal, routine activities. It may also emerge suddenly with no apparent cause. Worse still, the problem does not ease by rest, or sleep. You feel so worn out — you sense you have no energy to complete less than half of your normal daily activities. Physical, or mental, activity makes you feel all the more worse.


CFS can affect anyone. Statistics shows that it affects more women than men. It usually develops in one’s early 20s and/or up to the mid-40s. Children may also be affected, usually between age 13 and 15.   



What actually causes CFS is not known. There are no diagnostic tests available. CFS is suspected after conditions that may also cause extreme fatigue are ruled out. Clinicians suggest that prolonged, or long, working hours, lifestyle changes, highly stressful professions, mental stress and viral illnesses, may trigger the illness too.


A diagnosis of CFS is made only after the individual has experienced extreme fatigue for at least six months. This also takes into account constant fatigue, or awfully tired feeling, listless sleep, impaired memory and concentration, muscle pains, headaches, sore throat, aches, or pains, in multiple joints. Other notable symptoms may include sensitivity to light, eye pain, neck tenderness [sensitivity to touch] and lymph node enlargement in the armpits, allergies and sensitivity to foods, odours etc.


There may also be irritability and mood swings. In extreme cases, there may be intense anxiety and depression. Some CFS patients may also become detached and/or have trouble performing at work.



Conventional medicine offers no effective treatment, except for non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs [NSAIDs] that suppress body aches and/or fever, besides antihistamines to relieve allergic symptoms, such as a runny nose. The problem is: such medications are often habit-forming. Besides, they also carry their own set of side-effects, some of them serious.


Homeopathy has proven to be a safe, holistic, and effective form of treatment for CFS. Homeopathic medicines for CFS strengthen your immunity; they also help ease stress. This is suggested to help bring balance to the body and its innumerable functions.


Clinical trials have proven the efficacy of homeopathic medicines in the treatment of CFS [Ref: Weatherley-Jones E, Nicholl J P, Thomas K J, Parry G J, McKendrick M W, Green S T, Stephen T. Stanley, Philip J, Lynch, Sean P J. The Journal of Psychosomatic Research 2004; 56:189-97].




  • Try to avoid, or reduce, stress. Evaluate your lifestyle factors and nutritional deficiencies, including certain medications that may trigger CFS, with your physician
  • Take adequate rest; let go and accept things as they are  
  • Regular aerobic exercise [30 minutes, daily], or brisk walk for half-hour, daily, followed by a 20-minute meditation session and listening to soft, soulful music, are all helpful  
  • Take vitamin C [1,000-2,000 mg], with B-complex, beta-carotene [25,000-50,000 IU] and zinc [30 mg], daily. The supplements boost your immunity and also protect you from illness
  • Dark chocolate is suggested to relieve CFS symptoms — enjoy your chocolate treat by all means, but remember that moderation holds the key.


Feel tired to the bone? There’s no need to worry, or think wistfully. Homeopathy offers you safe and effective treatment for CFS. It brings back the smile on your face — it also helps you to lead happy and energetic lives.

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