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All of us have tiny, coarse hairs that guard the openings of our nostrils. Their job — when we inhale [breathe-in] air — is to sift or filter dust, pollen, and other particles, including germs. However, small bits of dust particles, and other airborne ‘offenders,’ slip through sometimes. They may reach the respiratory tract. This could trigger illnesses, such as bronchitis.

Bronchitis is a respiratory disorder in which the windpipe and its branches get inflamed due to infection, or allergy. This can happen due to inhalation of irritating fumes, or dust, as also chemical solvents and fumes, including tobacco smoke.

While complications, in certain instances of acute, or short-lived, bronchitis, could be pneumonia and lung tissue damage, a consequential decrease, in breathing capacity, can sometimes occur in chronic, or long-term, bronchitis.

Statistics suggests that 40-45 per cent of smokers develop chronic bronchitis sometime in their lives. It is suggested too that snoring may be the most annoying and noisy element in chronic bronchitis.


Death rates, due to complications of bronchitis, have increased over the last ten years. The alarming fact is probably a result of not heeding to early, warning signs and symptoms of bronchitis, such as allergic cough, or sinusitis. If you suffer from chest discomfort and irritating cough, lasting for a few weeks, it is most likely you have bronchitis — the best thing that you’d do is seek professional homeopathic treatment and address the issue, promptly.

Common symptoms of acute bronchitis may include fever, sore throat, nasal obstruction, or sinusitis. This may precede bronchitis and also persist.  

Other symptoms of bronchitis include cough with phlegm, uneasiness in the chest, breathlessness and also wheezing [the ‘windy’ sound in the chest], more so when the condition gets firmly entrenched.


Homeopathy not only treats the symptoms of bronchitis, from the inside-out, it also helps to prevent, or pre-empt, complications.

There is documented evidence of patients showing significant improvement in their lung capacity following homeopathic treatment for bronchitis. Since homeopathy stimulates our body’s defences, it also improves general, overall health.

In an outcome study comparing the efficacy of homeopathic medicines [for bronchitis] as against conventional medicines in the treatment of lower respiratory tract diseases, including allergies, results showed a response rate of 82.6 per cent in the homeopathic group for bronchitis as compared to 67.3 per cent in the group receiving conventional medicine.

There are a number of factors that are taken into account while selecting the appropriate homeopathic remedy by your homeopathic doctor. In most cases, the selection is based on the nature of the mucous discharge, including the sensitivities and sensibilities, reaction to cold and warmth, aside from the unique temperament of the individual/patient. 


  • Reduce your exposure to pollutants, smoke, or chemicals
  • Wash your hands [and, your children's hands] with soap frequently to avoid spreading the virus and other infections
  • Drink adequate fluids to help keep the chest mucous ‘unplugged,’ or watery
  • Avoid, or give up, smoking — toxins and carbon content in tobacco often annoy the respiratory tract. They can trigger bronchitis
  • Exercise regularly. This will boost your overall blood circulation and help aerate the lungs better
  • Eat a balanced diet to ensure proper nutrition. Regular consumption of vitamin C-rich foods such as oranges, sweet lime, lemon, and amla [Indian gooseberry] can help in the prevention of bronchitis and also hasten recovery time
  • Avoid going to damp, cold, and polluted areas
  • Steam inhalation clears the airways of mucous plugs; it also reduces breathlessness
  • Follow-up with your homeopathic doctor on a regular basis.
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