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Homeopathy & Adhd

Homeopathy & Adhd

It is a common spectacle today. Of children having short-attention spans — besides, they don’t seem to listen, as much as necessary, to anyone, including themselves.

Clinical psychologists suggest that we should possibly blame it on the rapid shift of visual frames on TV and its resultant effect: attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder [ADHD]. Something that also occurs as a consequence of non-stop camera flips and varied spotlights, where the child’s thought process changes every few seconds, leading to short-attention spans. The effect: the hyperactive child is often attempting to recall the dynamic quality of the TV screen, by quickly changing their own perceptual points of reference.


Children who symbolise ADHD, a chronic condition, may present with three classical signs of the disorder — hyperactivity, distractible temperament and impulsiveness. While most doctors accept the dysfunctional picture of ADHD, there is a school of thought that strongly opposes the view. The latter suggests that behaviours labelled as ADHD are merely a child's active response to complex social, emotional, cultural and educational contexts, or influences.


  • The child has difficulty following instructions
  • Inability to maintain focus — at academics or play activities in school and at home
  • Tends to misplace, or lose, things
  • Appears to be not attentive
  • Cannot give adequate or ‘close’ attention to details
  • Disorganised; has trouble planning ahead and executing tasks
  • Forgets things; gets distracted easily.


Research suggests that children with ADHD do not produce enough biochemicals in key areas of the brain that are in charge of organising thoughts and behaviour. Some studies also reveal that ADHD is more common in children who have close relatives with the disorder. Statistics suggests that boys appear to be more affected with ADHD than girls.


Homeopathy is clinically effective for all types of emotional and psychological problems in kids, including ADHD. It helps to restore ADHD children to their natural state of emotional health and overall well-being, without side-effects. Homeopathy believes in individualised treatment, wherein healing is targeted at the entire child, not just at the specific disorder or illness.  

A study, conducted in Switzerland, followed a group of children who were carefully diagnosed with a number of screening processes to verify the diagnosis of ADHD, while excluding other diagnoses.

The study, which was published in The European Journal of Pediatrics, involved three phases. First, the children were treated with a constitutional homeopathic medicine for ADHD — individualised to their case. Only such children who improved by at least 50 per cent on the ‘ADHD rating scale’ were included in the second phase of the study, with a placebo [dummy pill] group. Subsequently, the children were treated with their individualised homeopathic medicines for ADHD.

The progress under homeopathic treatment was assessed with parents at intervals of four weeks. After a specified period of observation, children eligible for the final phase of the study were randomly assigned to either receive the appropriate homeopathic medicine for ADHD, or placebo. Next, the groups were switched and treated with homeopathic medicines for ADHD and compared accordingly, in terms of response. The study results showed that children did not improve while taking placebo, but continued to improve while taking the homeopathic medicines for ADHD.


  • Improve your child's self-esteem
  • Make available a variety of stimulating learning activities, like reading, drawing and painting for your child
  • Provide positive role models, or hands-on activities
  • Teach your child organisational skills and to appreciate the value of personal effort
  • Teach your child focusing techniques, such as yoga or simple breathing exercises
  • Give your child choices, but establish consistent rules and routines
  • Hold family meetings; better still, hold a positive image of your child
  • Seek professional homeopathic treatment; and, follow-up with your homeopathic doctor on a regular basis.
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