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Female Sexual Health - Causes

Low sexual desire

Emotional reasons can be the cause of low sexual desire. This includes the following:

  • abuse;
  • anxiety/fear/worries;
  • harsh sexual experience;
  • fear of intimacy;
  • fear to lose control;
  • fear of pain;
  • negative self-image;
  • fear of pregnancy;
  • fear of sexually transmitted infections; and
  • stress.

Social factors:

  • cultural or spiritual background;
  • relationship issues;
  • family set-up, i.e., living in joint families, lots of distractions, etc.;
  • lack of space;
  • fatigue from caring for young children and old parents; and
  • too much alcohol or excessive smoking may also cause lack of sexual desire.


  • atrophic vaginitis – thinning of the vaginal wall due to menopause;
  • dryness/reduced vaginal lubrication;
  • hormonal issues;
  • chronic illness, such as blood pressure and diabetes;
  • pelvic surgery;
  • depression; and
  • poor health.

Medications for convulsions, heart disease, anti-depressants and opioids.

Risk factors

  • alcohol and smoking and
  • conditions related to aging, such as menopause.

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