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Discovering the Truth About Dull Skin

Discovering the Truth About Dull Skin

Karishma worked a busy schedule balancing her job and family. She invested as much time and effort as possible to look after her health and physical well-being. While she was fit, her skin always looked dull and sallow. This made her wonder if she was lacking something in her diet that could be causing her skin to appear dry. Karishma approached a doctor for a consultation and skin care tips and treatment.

On further check-up, it was revealed that Karishma suffered from an initial phase of hypothyroidism. Thus, her dull skin was a direct result of underlying thyroid problems. Her doctor prescribed appropriate treatment and advised her on certain diet and lifestyle changes needed. Just like Karishma, most of us suffer from dull skin and hair that reflect an underlying health issue.

The good news is that for most of us, dull skin is a reflection of purely a cosmetic issue such as not following a proper skin care regime. In this case, dull skin can be easily rectified by following good skin care tips for healthy skin. Here are the most common reasons why a person’s skin appears dull.

  1. Lack of sleep

Sleep is your body’s natural way of healing itself and repairing cells. If you compromise on sleep regularly, you will suffer from dull skin, dark spots, and under-eye bags. As an adult, you need at least 7 hours of sleep each night.

  1. Excessive pollution

People who live in crowded cities usually suffer from more hair and skin problems than those who live in the open countryside. Air that is heavy with pollutants clogs your skin pores and leaves your face looking dull and sallow.

  1. Missing a proper regime

If you live in a busy city, chances are your skin clogs up with pollutants. To combat the resulting effects of aging, you must follow a regular skin care routine that includes cleansing and exfoliation. If you skip on this routine, you will be left with dull skin.

  1. Overuse of makeup

Cosmetics can make you glow; however, the glow is only momentary. Overusing makeup daily can leave you with dull and lifeless skin due to the overexposure of chemicals. It gets even worse if you do not remove your makeup properly before bed.

  1. Medical issues

Any disease reflects first on skin, nail, and hair health. Dull skin often indicates health issues including diabetes type 1 and 2, thyroid problems, anaemia (iron deficiency), digestive disorders, and other nutritional deficiencies. If dull skin persists for long and worsens, it might be time to seek a doctor’s advice.

  1. Dehydration

Not drinking enough water affects your health in many ways. The effects are especially evident on your skin. Moreover, dehydration is not a problem that can be solved within a day. Drink at least two litres of water a day and avoid too many caffeinated beverages.

  1. Chronic stress

It is no secret that stress is extremely bad for you and can cause many health issues including thyroid problems and heart disease. When your body and mind are tense, your blood flow gets directed away from your skin and hair towards your more vital organs. Chronic stress can leave you with dull and dry skin that makes you look ill.

  1. Sun damage

If you go out in the sun daily, chances are your skin has developed spots and dull patches. The only way to protect your skin from sun damage is by using sunscreen and wearing a cap or a scarf. Sun damage to skin is often irreversible and leads to early signs of aging.

  1. Smoking

Few things could be as worse for your skin as puffing away at that cigarette. Cigarette smoke emits carbon monoxide which depletes Vitamin C in your skin and leaves it looking dull and dry. This is the main reason why regular smokers tend to show signs of skin aging faster than non-smokers.

  1. Lack of nutrients

The typical modern diet is heavily dependent on processed foods. This leaves most people lacking nutrition from fresh fruits and vegetables. For heathy skin you need a diet high in antioxidants found in berries, coriander (cilantro), kidney beans, grapes, nuts, sweet potato, carrot, ginger, and turmeric.

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