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Is DermaHeal good for eczema?
Is DermaHeal good for eczema?

Is DermaHeal good for eczema?

Are you tired of dealing with the itchy, scaly symptoms of eczema? Constant attention around you makes you feel nervous and embarrassed about your skin? Do you spend most of your day attempting to figure out what caused your skin to flareup, which isn't a nice game to play? More than eczema, it's the lack of control over your skin that irritates you with this condition. Don't worry, we've found the ultimate eczema-fighting weapon for you; Dr Batra’s® DermaHeal.

But first, let's go through the basics of this chronic skin condition.

What is Eczema?

Atopic dermatitis, often known as eczema, is a skin condition that causes your skin to become red and itchy. According to a Karger study, eczema affects 1 to 3 percent of adults and 15 to 20 percent of children worldwide.

Types of eczema

  • The most common type is atopic eczema.
  • Contact dermatitis is another kind of eczema induced by environmental or occupational causes.
  • Seborrhoeic eczema, which primarily affects the scalp and face, generally begins as dandruff and escalates to redness, itching, and scaling.

Causes of Eczema

Eczema can be caused by genetics, a weakened immune system, and environmental factors. Skin eczema can develop when your immune system reacts to environmental pollution, changes in humidity levels, and sweat.

Is DermaHeal good for eczema?

What are the signs and symptoms of eczema?

The following are the most prevalent eczema symptoms:

  • Itchy, dry skin.
  • The affected area is red and swollen.
  • Eruptions on the skin.
  • Scratching all the time.
  • Flaking.

What can worsen the symptoms of eczema?

Eczema symptoms can be worsened by dry skin. To avoid dry and itchy skin, keep your skin hydrated. You can also control the spread of infection by taking a warm water bath. The use of scented soaps, detergents, and disinfectants containing chemicals might cause eczema.

Treatment options for eczema

Conventional eczema treatment: Immunosuppressants are the foundation of conventional eczema treatment. They may clear the skin, but eczema will return as soon as the medication's impact wears off. Topical eczema treatments, such as lotions or ointments, can temporarily relieve itching and inflammation. However, it usually returns with more intensity.

Is Dr Batra’s® DermaHeal good for eczema?

Dr Batra’s® DermaHeal is a revolutionary skincare treatment that combines the benefits of UVB sun rays with homeopathy to safely and effectively treats skin problems such as eczema, vitiligo, and psoriasis etc. Each Dr Batra’s® Derma Heal session is only 30 minutes long and is performed by experienced specialists under the supervision of qualified homeopathic dermatologists. It provides rapid results in 10 weeks. This treatment is an easy and painless solution for eczema. It has proven efficacy in 400+ clinical research trials.

Dr Batra’s® skin treatments have seen a 94.3% positive treatment outcome as authenticated by the American Quality Assessors.

Homeopathic Treatment for Eczema

You can treat your eczema symptoms in a natural, safe, and side-effect-free way with homeopathy. According to a study by NCBI, homeopathic treatment is effective in treating atopic dermatitis. Homeopathic treatment aims to treat the root cause of the condition. Homeopathic treatment for eczema can help you get effective and long-term treatment results. Sweet homeopathic pills can significantly reduce the symptoms of eczema.

Homeopathic medicines are effective in treating the underlying conditions that cause or worsen eczema. They help to gradually improve the immune system's functioning and immunity, allowing the body to battle the problem from within. Our homeopathic doctors address the psychological impacts of eczema skin conditions, such as stress, anxiety, and depression, in addition to the physical symptoms. Homeopathic eczema treatment dramatically reduces the likelihood of recurrence. The medications assist to minimize the severity, frequency, and length of eczema flare-ups.

Our expert homeopathic doctors devise a treatment plan that best suits your condition and symptoms. With the help of Dr Batra’s® Allergone test, you can find out exactly what is triggering your eczema. Along with a treatment for the physical symptoms of eczema, our homeopathic doctors also address the psychological effects such as stress, anxiety, and depression. As authenticated by the American Quality Assessors, we have a 94.3% success rate for treating skin problems like eczema. So, get in touch with our expert doctors and receive a holistic skin treatment solution.

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