Fat people are always thought of as jolly, good folks.  That’s the good news. The bad news is fat people are gloomily identified as candidates for early heart attack. Agreed that this remark may be a sweeping statement of facts, but the hazards of overweight and obesity are serious considerations in an increasingly health conscious world. 

Obesity is defined as “abnormal high body weight due to excessive accumulation of body fat."  There are certainly ethnic differences in the distribution of subcutaneous fat, yet the general cause of obesity is plain overeating. Besides, obesity may also result from abnormal retention of water, bizarre muscular development, or certain tumours, including a few endocrinal/hormonal disorders. 

Obesity is a global epidemic, a disease, a sign of illness, and a complex syndrome — especially in children. Thanks to its growing incidence, it is being studied as closely as any other serious disease.  

New research implicates genetic, emotional, metabolic, sociological and environmental factors, more so in children, as causative mechanisms for obesity.  

Obesity obviously has a predisposition in children. Some endocrinologists suggest that the hereditary aspect may not be largely congenital, although final obesity may be a direct consequence of “the clean plate syndrome,” which some mothers use as a rule for their children when they eat — be it breakfast, meal, or snack. While increased body weight places a greater load on the circulatory system, in overweight individuals, regulation of body temperature is as much affected due to reduced heat insulating effect. This, in turn, brings on profuse sweating. 


Homeopathy offers a safe, natural, and non-invasive solution in weight management/obesity, and also for eating disorders among children and adults alike.  

International clinical trials have shown that homeopathic remedies act as fat burners; they stimulate and hasten the body’s metabolic rate, without any side-effects.  

A holistic system of healing, homeopathy believes in offering customised solutions to each and every child with overweight, or obesity, problems, including an individualised diet plan — because each of us is unique. Put simply, every child’s stomach is as unique as their fingerprint.  

A weepy, overweight kid, who loves cookies and is moody, may need a particular homeopathic medicine for childhood obesity, whereas a fat kid, who craves eggs, has thyroid problems, and is stubborn by temperament, may require a different homeopathic remedy and treatment for the problem. 

Homeopathy believes that the best approach is to lose weight – not one’s health – naturally, slowly, and gradually, while keeping a watch on the body mass composition, including optimal nutrition, at regular intervals.


Homeopathic medicines are safe, gentle. They correct the underlying problem — the cause of childhood obesity. From the root. Not just its mere manifestation. It takes into account the fact that no two obese individuals will present with identical symptoms, or health problems.  

Homeopathy prescribes medicines in micro-doses — you’d call it energy medicine. What can cause obesity , as homeopathy also suggests, can treat. Large doses, likewise, can cause illness; and, minute doses, used in homeopathy, treat the given illness.

Homeopathy provides that natural stimulus, not side-effects, for the body to bring about a sense of balance and wellness.

Homeopathy also prescribes lifestyle changes; it distils the given child’s physical, mental, emotional, psychological, and behavioural aspects, including sensitivities and sensibilities — to bring about a healthy, long-lasting change… in terms of their eating habits and lifestyle. This results not in suppression or recurrence of the overweight problem, after the suspension of a treatment plan, but natural, holistic restoration of health to its optimal level.

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