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Can vitiligo turn you completely white?

Can vitiligo turn you completely white?

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The deprivation of pigmentation, commonly known as vitiligo, is a disease which causes certain patches on the skin to turn milky-white which is also one of the most common vitiligo symptoms.  Not restricted to the skin alone, vitiligo might be caused in the hair as well. Vitiligo causes its skin to lose its natural colour and turn pale, eliminating all the traces of melanin, a substance responsible to give your skin its natural colour.

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Vitiligo can affect any part of the body but it mostly affects the skin or a part of it which is most exposed to the Sun. This mostly involves your face, neck and hands. The patch sizes found on people vary from person to person. Some people develop one or two small patches which might not even develop further while others might develop huge patches. These patches are spread over a large area of skin and typically form a permanent home on the skin. However, vitiligo is certainly not a contagious disease. You won’t suffer from vitiligo if you come in direct contact with a person who has it. Vitiligo is closely associated with autoimmune disease.

What are vitiligo symptoms?

Vitiligo symptoms showcase discoloration on the most exposed skin but its development is not always predictable. Most of the times, if it develops fully, it turns your entire body into pale white which is often addressed as Universal Vitiligo. If there are active blood vessels on the skin, it might turn the skin into a faint pink color.

The common vitiligo symptoms include the following.

  • Loss of skin colour on a certain patch
  • The hair on the scalp, eyelashes, eyebrows or face turning grey or white, prematurely.
  • Complete elimination of colour in the tissues situated inside the line of mouth or nose.
  • Loss or complete elimination of colour in the retina i.e. the inner layer of the eyeball.

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What are the common types of vitiligo?

This depigmentation is often seen amongst people when they turn 20 or beyond. The areas covered by Vitiligo depend on the type of the same. The two most common types of vitiligo include:

  • Non-segmental Vitiligo: In this type of Vitiligo, depigmentation is caused in symmetrical patches on both the parts of your skin. Non-segmental Vitiligo is mainly caused on the back of the hand, elbows, feet, arms, knees and on the skin around body openings such as eyes.
  • Segmental Vitiligo: This type of Vitiligo usually affects only one side of your body and is seen more commonly in children ranging from 3 years to 10 years of age but is otherwise rare.

What are vitiligo causes?

Vitiligo causes are often dependent on the type of Vitiligo suffered by the person. Some of the most common vitiligo causes include the following.

  • Autoimmune diseases: As mentioned earlier, autoimmune diseases are closely associated with vitiligo, more precisely to Non-segmental Vitiligo because it is known to be an autoimmune disease itself.
  • Neurochemicals: Segmental Vitiligo is known to be caused by a certain set of chemicals released from the nerve-endings in your skin which are considered poisonous to the melanin found in the skin.

What are the variants activating vitiligo?

Listed below are the most common variants activating vitiligo.

  • Undergoing a stressful event like childbirth
  • Koebner Response, more commonly known as rigorous skin damage including sunburn or other cuts
  • Being exposed to certain harmful chemicals at work

How to treat vitiligo with homeopathy?

There are various homeopathic drugs that have been known to benefit more than other conventional treatments to cure vitiligo. Homeopathy offers a scientifically designed alternative vitiligo treatment. It aims at restricting or even slowing down the destruction of melanin and nurture the process of re-pigmentation.


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