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Alopecia Areata: Causes & Treatment Options

Alopecia Areata: Causes & Treatment Options

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Hair loss can be a major blow to a person’s confidence. You inadvertently become self-conscious that everybody might be staring at you when you are suffering from hair fall. A very common condition, it is said that nearly everybody suffers from hair loss at some stage in their lifetime. It is even more concerning if one experiences it in their early 20s. Alopecia can be very unpredictable as it is hard to determine the rate or extent of patchy hair loss an individual suffers.

What causes it?

It is very difficult to zero in on a single primary cause as it varies from person to person. Alopecia areata, a condition which results in hair loss on the scalp or any other hair-bearing part of the body can be caused when an abnormal immune system attacks the hair follicles, hindering hair growth. Other causes include deficiency in protein, low levels of vitamins, thyroid disease, chemotherapy etc.

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Conventional Treatments

Although there is no definite cure to alopecia areata, in most cases hair regrowth is highly possible (except for scarring alopecia which is the permanent destruction of hair follicles). There are various treatments for alopecia and you should consult a doctor before choosing one. These include pharmaceutical drugs for patchy hair loss which has side effects in the form of skin irritation, stress induction, skin colouration, high blood pressure and even kidney failure. Or the more expensive and completely unreliable procedure of hair transplant. Some self-care options include washing your hair with a mild shampoo, eating a balanced diet or exercising relaxation techniques. There is also wigs and hairpieces but one can't rely on them all the time. You need something more concrete and you have got to look at a better alternative.

Alopecia treatment in homeopathy

 The most effective and long-lasting method for treating alopecia is homoeopathy. Experts tend to describe homeopathic medicine for patchy hair loss as the safest approach. It is organic and it not only cures the external surface but also cures the root cause of hair loss without any side effects. According to a study in Scotland, 90% of patients suffering from alopecia chose homoeopathy and the results have been incredible.

Alopecia treatment in homeopathy follows a customized approach rather than "one for all". Patient’s medical history, genetic history, emotional and mental state, reaction to environmental factors etc. need to be studied thoroughly. Alopecia treatment in homeopathy provides us with different products. Different homoeopathic remedies exist that correspond to different reasons for alopecia. Correct dosages at the right time will work wonders.

At Dr Batra’s™, medicines are prescribed keeping in mind that it is in harmony with an individual's lifestyle to go as far as to completely eradicate the symptoms of alopecia. You can book an appointment with an expert homeopathic doctor using

It is better to treat alopecia as soon as the first visible sign occurs. It could start off as a single patch but could go about affecting the entire scalp and even eyebrows and facial hair. Consult a doctor at once. Alopecia treatment in homeopathy has been a conclusive proof that alopecia can be treated with organic products, natural techniques and a little bit of patience.

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