Allergic reactions can be predicted through genetic tests. Really?!

Allergic reactions can be predicted through genetic tests. Really?!

Knowing what allergic reactions can do to your metabolism quality of life and overall general comfort, wouldn’t it be great if your allergic reactions can be predicted through genetic tests? Allergic reactions occur when your immune system over-reacts to something that is usually harmless. When you are fighting allergies, your body directs a certain amount of energy to fight the perceived threat. When that happens, your metabolism can be impacted meaning that you’ll feel less energized and that can lead to several other issues. A lower metabolism makes it harder to shed unwanted kilos. Allergies can lead to chronic inflammation, fluid retention, acne, joint pain, bloating and irritable bowel syndrome.

Medication side effects are a big problem. It’s estimated that about half of filled prescriptions are not taken as directed, and a major reason for this is side effects. If you’ve ever had diarrhoea, felt sleepy, or developed a rash after taking a new medication, you know how unpleasant side effects can be. And occasionally it’s much worse than unpleasant: drug side effects can cause permanent damage and even be deadly.

Allergy treatment in homeopathy

If you’re one of the sufferers of allergic reactions, then YES you heard it right! Do yourself a big favour by getting tested because allergic reactions can be predicted through genetic tests. Dr.Batra's™ Geno Homeopathy is safe and precise gene-targeted homeopathic therapy. It is a new entrant in the field of personalized medicine in India and can redefine the future of medicine and healing.Being a gene-based therapy, Geno Homeopathy is a customized allergy treatmentas no two people on this planet have the same genes. Genes of every person are as unique as his fingerprint or iris. Therefore, unlike the conventional treatments currently in practice which are one-size-fits-all, with Geno Homeopathy, no two patients with even the same medical condition will be given the same treatment. Treatment will be given based on their genetic make-up and will be as unique as every individual so that the medicines work more effectively for every patient.

The benefits of allergy treatment in homeopathy include:

  • Forecasts if you are at risk of getting a medical disorder in future
  • Prevents or delays a hereditary medical condition through homeopathic medicine and lifestyle changes
  • Exact gene-targeting for precise diagnostic evaluation along with accurate and faster treatment results
  • Painless, safe and is free from side effects
  • Personalized treatment plans based upon unique genetic historic to identify disorders early in life so the treatment can be started as early as possible

The allergy treatment in homeopathy helps to stop the underlying disease that causes allergic reactions. It would prevent some of the life-threatening allergic episodes that occur for you. This would definitely make a huge difference for you if you have severe allergies. This means that you would no longer be in fear of life-threatening incidents. With this approach, you could visit your nearby clinic, get a single treatment and that would give you permanent protection from future allergic attacks.


With the development of high-throughput genotyping techniques together with improved analytical methods, the contributions of genetic factors in the development of allergy reactions are being clarified. The ultimate goal is the development of a panel of reliable markers for genetic testing in an allergy to improve overall patient care.

Genetic testing evaluates for underlying mutations/variants that are causal or relevant to the allergies in question. The general purpose of genetic testing includes several aspects, such as allergy diagnosis, identifying causal mutations, predicting allergy progression and prognosis, predicting responses to medication or treatment, and identification of populations at risk for early prevention. In short, allergic reactions can definitely be predicted through genetic tests!

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