Oct 18, 2017

Job Title: Homeopathic Consultants / Doctor's

Minimum QualificationBHMS
Experience 2-8 Years
Number Of Openings15
Posted On18 Oct 2017

Job Description

  1. Your primary objective is to deliver the highest standards of medical excellence & patient experience by effectively communicating with them.
  2. Welcome the patients as the face of the company and understand from the patients their need to visit the clinic, background and nature of complaints, enough to make a diagnosis. Taking and uploading photographs of patients in skin, hair or other cases where required.
  3. Recording a short enquiry history, family & past history & treatment taken as per predefined medical protocols and accordingly selecting the relevant protocols in CMS and filling the first observation findings.
  4. Conducting basic examination, special tests such as trichoscan, dermascan, body mass analysis, etc. and recording the findings.
  5. Concluding the diagnosis and explain the patients about scope of treatments at Dr. Batra’s for their problems, nature of treatments, approximate duration of treatment, statistics of patients treated with similar complaints, expected outcomes, the process of patient care at Dr. Batra’s and cost of the treatment with relevant discounts or schemes.
  6. Helping the patient with registration and guiding the patient to case taking to understand the changes in health conditions and provide the best treatment to the patients according to the principles of homoeopathy.
  7. Explaining Self-Help to the patients for do’s and don’ts, nutrition and exercise advice and any other relevant advice for the patient to be followed.
  8. Making the first prescription in consultation with Clinic Head or Senior Consultant (in normal cases) or Medical Expert Committee (in cases of difficult or rare cases).
  9. Doing a periodical review of the case to know the status of improvement in the patient’s condition and explain the same the patient through evidence recorded as photographs, reports or special tests such as trichoscan and dermascan.
  10. In cases of aggravated cases or in cases where a difficulty is faced or treatment is not satisfactory, doctor escalates the respective cases to a Senior Consultant or Medical Expert Committee and takes timely help.
  11. Making Calendar of Follow up Appointments (Updates) in CMS and providing the same to patient and introducing the patient to the follow-up doctor and CHC.
  12. Guide patients at the time of renewal regarding their terms and make relevant updates for the next term. Also help in improving patient base by getting references from well-treated cases.
  13. Attending to the courier requests, telephone, email and online consultations in case the patients are unable to visit.
  14. To effectively handle daily operations of the clinic as well as ensure that cordial relations are maintained with the patients with an objective to provide them with effective service as well as drive business.
  15. To multitask in the clinic across various roles like dispenser, cashier, therapist, etc inorder to ensure that the patients are well attended promptly – who are our first priority – with utmost care & concern.
  16. Depending upon business requirements, you shall be trained on our systems and processes at different clinics in the city/region, so that you shall get ample exposure to handle different ailments/patients.

Desired Candidate Profile

  • Humility, being polite & empathetic towards Staff and Patients.
  • Being approachable and friendly.
  • Excellent communication skills, local language & English.
  • Good clinical and therapeutic knowledge.
  • Good Computer knowledge.
  • Multitasking across various roles in the clinic to ensure prompt patient service.
  • Good people management skills.
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