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Treat your allergic rhinitis symptoms with homeopathy
Treat your allergic rhinitis symptoms with homeopathy

Treat your allergic rhinitis symptoms with homeopathy

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Do spring flowers and bright blue skies give you a runny nose and itchy eyes? There is a chance you may be suffering from allergic rhinitis. Many of us eagerly wait for spring but for some, it brings seasonal allergies. Yes, sometimes, nature can be cruel to some people in terms of allergies. The best way to deal with this problem is homeopathy. Avoid certain allergens and take up homeopathy, you will be fine! Keep reading to know more.

What is allergic rhinitis all about?

Rhinitis is the inflammation of the nasal passages or upper airways, leading toallergic rhinitis symptomssuch as the runny nose, stuffy nose, itchy throat, just to name a few.

Allergic rhinitis can occur at any age but is more common in children and young adults. You are at increased risk for allergic rhinitis if you have a family member with seasonal allergies or if you have conditions such as asthma or eczema.

Main allergic rhinitis causes include small airborne particles that trigger the immune system and these particles are called allergens. Common allergens include pollen, dust mites, mold spores, cockroaches, pet dander, pollution, among others. When inhaled, these allergens trigger inflammation in the nasal passages by releasing immune cells such as mast cells and basophils. These cells stimulate the release of histamines which causes said inflammation. Once you have this inflammation, it then causes you to have nasal congestion, itchy ear, itchy throat etc. It can also cause post-nasal drip which is the sensation that mucus is just dripping from the back of your nose to the back of your throat.

Treat your allergic rhinitis symptoms with homeopathy

As your immune system continues to be triggered, these symptoms can spread from just your nasal passages onto your lower airways. You can then get inflammation in your lungs which could cause shortness of breath or wheezing. You can also get symptoms in your red eyes, itchy eyes, running eyes etc. Read more.

Allergic rhinitis is usually diagnosed with a good history and physical from your physician. You may also require certain blood tests or allergy tests or skin tests to be sure. Let us now look at the best treatment approach available for allergic rhinitis.

Benefits of homeopathy treatment

As we know, allergic rhinitis disease is a result of an over-aggressive immune system. People with hypersensitive immune systems experience allergic rhinitis symptoms frequently when exposed to potential allergens. Homeopathy tends to work at the immunity level right off the bat. It helps to realign your immune system to a normal level so that it functions the way it should and does not overreact to environmental factors.

Allergic rhinitis treatment in homeopathyhelps you achieve great results every time. Because allergic rhinitis symptoms can be confused and/or accompanied by other respiratory disorders, it is important to deduce exactly what is bothering an individual. Also, it is well-known that stress, trauma and anxiety play a major role in aggravating allergic rhinitis symptoms and that needs to be taken into account as well.

At Dr Batra's™, the homeopaths will take a physical examination and may run skin tests to give a correct diagnosis. An allergic rhinitis patient’s medical records and family history are perused properly to determine the root cause of the condition.

Based on the findings, a customised homeopathic medicine for allergic rhinitis is provided to every patient. There are no generic medicines in homeopathy and none of the remedies prescribed present any sort of side-effects. Unlike conventional treatment in which each symptom may require a different medicine, you won’t need different homeopathic medicines for different signs, which is another plus point.

Also, with conventional medications, you can only control allergic rhinitis symptoms as long as you are taking them. Once you stop, there is a very good chance these symptoms may come back. As homeopathy works at a very deep level, enhancing your immune system, it provides long-lasting relief to this chronic condition, making sure that the patient isn’t troubled by this condition in the future.

Self Help Tips

If allergic rhinitis is something that is wreaking havoc in your life and you don’t know what to do, you should go for homeopathy. Go online and book an appointment at Dr Batra's™ official website and get rid of this breathing problem.

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