Treat psoriasis with homeopathy

Treat psoriasis with homeopathy

Do you notice flakes of skin falling down on your shoulders when you stand up, or on your pillow when you get up in morning? You thought it was dandruff and tried all anti-dandruff shampoos to get rid of it. However, the flaking just refuses to go away. If so, you might be suffering from psoriasis, a chronic skin disease that affects your body and scalp. Flaking of skin on the scalp can be one of the symptoms of psoriasis.

Around 2 per cent people suffer from this condition globally. In India, prevalence is about 0.4 - 2.8%, which means approximately 3.5 crore people in India suffer from psoriasis.

Though not contagious, psoriasis being a visible disease, largely affects the quality of patient’s life. It might be socially embarrassing too. You might have come   across situations where people around you may not understand your condition. Assuming it to be contagious, even your friends or family members may refuse your offer to help them out in kitchen or you might not be allowed to enter swimming pools at some places. It hurts. Children are most affected. It is often traumatic for a child to go through such unpleasant experiences and extremely difficult for the parents to explain their children why they have been asked to stay away from certain activities like swimming, when their friends are happily enjoying it.

The good part however is that you can overcome this disease at large with an appropriate treatment.

Symptoms of psoriasis 

Our skin goes through a cycle of shedding and forming new skin. When this cycle gets disturbed, shedding process becomes faster, which causes psoriasis. The result is red, thickened patches or lesions on the skin. In some cases, these patches are covered with silvery scales. There might also be bleeding after scratching.

Psoriasis can affect your nails too. They may get thick and change color or shape. They also can feel tender and hurt. It affects your joints like elbows or knees. This condition is called psoriatic arthritis.  Also, psoriasis can affect your scalp, causing flaking on the scalp that looks like dandruff.

Symptoms of psoriasis can also be emotional. Studies indicate that people affected with psoriasis are twice as likely to become depressed as compared to others. It can also affect relationships in a number of ways. People shy away from dating if they suffer from poor body-image issues. Genital psoriasis can have a significant impact on intimate life. 

Therefore, treatment of psoriasis is necessary not only to avoid aggravation of the condition but also to overcome the emotional trauma it causes in patient’s life.

Causes of psoriasis

As treatment of psoriasis largely depends on the cause of psoriasis, let us first understand what causes it.

Psoriasis is an auto-immune condition where body’s immune system mistakenly attacks the body’s own skin cells. This results in a rapid growth of cells, leading to psoriasis. Some of the triggers that cause this are:

  • Family history of psoriasis: About 20-30% people with psoriasis have family members with it.
  • Stress
  • Skin injury, and severe sore throat.


However, what triggers psoriasis is not universal to all. What may cause psoriasis in you may not cause the disorder in another. You need to consult a specialist doctor to know the exact cause behind psoriasis in you and treat it accordingly.

That brings us to a very important part, which is treatment. Homeopathic treatment for psoriasis is proven, scientific and effective.     

Psoriasis treatment

Homeopathy treatment for psoriasis is effective. Oral application of ointments can help temporarily to heal the existing lesions. However, they cannot stop the development of new lesions in different areas, nor can they control the complications of psoriasis.

Homeopathic medicines for psoriasis can help not only to control new lesions and prevent complications, but over a period of time, they help to heal the lesions completely, and without any side-effects.

One has to keep in mind that psoriasis is the disease that has remissions and relapses. Homeopathic medicines for psoriasis prolong the periods of remissions and shorten the periods of relapses.

Research too supports the success of homeopathic treatment for psoriasis. A study published in The Journal of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology, reported that psoriasis patients experienced significant improvement in their quality of life and reduction in their psoriasis symptoms with homeopathic treatment.

Homeopathic medicines for psoriasis address the body at the level of immunity, and gently restore the deviation back to normalcy. They help to control the further progress of the disease. Importantly, they practically have no side-effects. What this means is that homeopathy not only treats psoriasis effectively but also strengthens overall immunity of a person.

At Dr Batra’s™, we have successfully treated more than 25,000 cases of psoriasis with homeopathy over the past 35 years.

However, please remember that the success of homeopathy treatment for psoriasis depends on the duration and severity of the illness.

Self- help

Finally, though treatment of psoriasis is necessary, you can also follow some tips to prevent aggravating the condition.  

  • Avoid hot water bath or limit the time
  • Don’t let your skin dry – use a moisturizer immediately after bathing
  • Do not use sharp toothed comb if you have scalp psoriasis
  • Take Vitamin D in your diet to neutralize the effect of less sunlight
  • Avoid using cosmetics on your skin
  • Avoid eating red meat, as it can aggravate psoriasis.

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