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Thyroid Disorder and Heart Disease: Is There a Link?

The function of the thyroid gland is closely related with the smooth running of major body organs including the brain and the heart. A slight dip or increase in the thyroid hormone can cause irregularities in normal heart function. This can make a complicated situation for those who already have a history of heart disease or genetic thyroid disorders. Let’s understand how different thyroid problems can affect the heart.

Hypothyroidism and the heart

Hypothyroidism is a condition characterized by the slow function of the thyroid gland. In hypothyroidism, the heart rate slows down due to a decreased hormone and oxygen supply. A slow heart rate is said to be one that is under 60 beats per minute. A mild case of this hypothyroidism will not affect the heart too much, but, if untreated this thyroid problem can lead to heart rate irregularities.

These are the main heart conditions that can arise from hypothyroidism:

  1. Elevated cholesterol levels

When thyroid hormone levels are low, the body cannot break down LDL and triglyceride levels (bad cholesterol), efficiently. This can clog your arteries and cause heart disease.

  1. Congestive heart failure

Less thyroid hormone can leave you with an irregular heartbeat. An irregular heartbeat means that your organs and body tissues are getting less oxygen than they should for optimum functioning. If ignored this can develop over time and lead to high blood pressure, thus increasing your risk of a heart attack or a stroke.

  1. Pericardial effusion

In very rare cases, hypothyroidism leads to fluid forming and gathering between the heart and the sac surrounding the heart. This can cause severe chest pain, high fever, shortness of breath and vomiting. In minor cases, the fluid goes away on its own. Serious cases require the fluid to be drained in an operation.

Hyperthyroidism and the heart

Hyperthyroidism is a condition marked by hyperactivity of the thyroid gland. As the thyroid gland secretes an excess of its hormones, the heart rate speeds up and can leave the patient with palpitations or a racing heartbeat. A fast heart rate is said to be anywhere above 90 beats per minute, when the body is at rest.If ignored, hyperthyroidism can lead to heart muscle failure.

These are the main heart conditions that can arise from hyperthyroidism:

  1. Atrial fibrillation

A condition marked by a rapid heart rate and irregular blood flow. Its symptoms include constant dizziness and fatigue. If left untreated, it can increase your risk of a heart attack or a stroke.

  1. Hypertension

An increased heart rate, constant anxiety, increased appetite, restlessness, and insomnia are symptoms of hyperthyroidism that can lead to high blood pressure and further complications in heart disease.

  1. Angina

Angina is a type of chest pain that can happen to a patient suffering from hyperthyroidism and clogged arteries. When the heart beats faster than normal, the arteries need to carry blood to the heart muscle. If the person has clogged arteries, the blood can’t reach the muscles in time, leading to severe chest pain.

Thyroid treatment with homeopathy

Thyroid problems need to be treated as soon as detected too avoid any major health complications in the long run. Studies have shown that people with a genetic susceptibility to thyroid complications are more likely to suffer fatalities from heart disease than those without a family history of thyroid problems.  Homeopathic medicine for thyroid treatmentplaces focus on healing the root cause and merely treating the symptoms. The root cause can vary between patients. Major causes include genetic factors, lifestyle and stress, bad dietary habits, vices and addictions, and autoimmune disorders.

Homeopathy heals thyroid problems gently. It focusses on regenerating the body’s natural capacity to cure and defend itself against infection in the future. Homeopathic medicine for thyroid treatment is non-toxic and free of any side effects. This makes it especially suitable for children, expectant mothers, patients who have undergone critical surgeries and the elderly. If you have suffered from thyroid problems for a long time, homeopathy is your best bet for safe and painless healing.

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