The psychological impact of female pattern baldness

The psychological impact of female pattern baldness

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 Dr Batra's™  February 17, 2020

We don’t bother glancing bald-men twice because it’s considered extremely common. But how do people react when they come across a bald woman? From being shocked to ridiculed, the list can go on and on. This is mostly because we aren’t accustomed to seeing bald women. Additionally, women are always expected to have a luscious mane which makes them attractive. However, these standards and diseases shouldn’t determine a woman’s appeal; female pattern hair loss can disturb a woman significantly.

When it comes to symbolism, hair represents the crown for a woman. It’s an accessory which can hardly ever fail to make them feel special.

How does female pattern baldness affect the diagnosed women psychologically?

Having a disease which is evidently obvious welcomes social stigma around. This causes women with female pattern baldness to develop many psychological, behavioural, emotional and mental disturbances. The most common change seen among women is their tendency to become anti-social. Anti-sociality further develops anxiety disorders as well. However, the most severe impact is getting depression. Lack of hair and depression often share common roots. Women suffering from female pattern baldness slip into depression often. Being scorned about your receding hairline is known to make the depression even worse.

Women dealing with this disease are seen to be having disturbed moods, lower self-esteem making them feel less attractive. A sizable credit of this lack of self-worth also goes to the practice of constantly comparing their own hair to others. 

Other behavioural disorders seen also include getting hostile and angry frequently. Antisocial personality disorder and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder are some of the discomforts which tend to follow as well. Frequently, women with female pattern baldness, along with developing social phobia, also tend to face panic disorders as well.

Treating female pattern baldness:

Thinning hair is where it all begins which is soon followed by excessive hair loss leading to female pattern baldness. Want to know more about the stages of female pattern baldness? Click to read at

Now that you are aware of the cycle that tears your hair away from you, it’s also an important step up and undergoes treatment which helps you deal with female pattern baldness. Alike women, even the hair loss treatment for female should be comprehensive. Merely using over-the-counter products which leave you with toxic side-effects and expecting your hair to grow back isn’t the smartest move. When you think of a safe approach, homeopathic remedy for hair loss in females has to top the list!

Dr Batra’s™ not only acknowledges the need for a reliable hair loss treatment for women but takes significant efforts to provide the same. When it comes to matters including skin and hair, it’s generally advisable to go smooth and soft rather than rigorous drugs which emit side-effects. To rescue the receding hairline and baldness, Dr Batra’s™ has merged the best of homeopathy and technology to offer treatments with perpetual results.

When you book an appointment at Dr Batra’s™, you can rest assured and let our experts and homeopaths decide which treatment shall be best suitable for you based on the symptoms you go through, the severity of your hair loss, and every other underlying disease or root cause responsible for your condition. After this, a customized diet plan will be allotted for every patient by the in-house nutritionists as well.

How to deal with it?

Never suffer in silence. Whenever you feel like your baldness is overbearing and affecting your well-being immensely, reach out to the people around you and speak up about it. Seek for a wholesome treatment, come up with a coping mechanism, join support groups and embrace every activity that floods your life with a ray of hope and positivity.

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