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Starting a Relationship? Don't Let Psoriasis Disease Get in the Way

Starting a Relationship? Don't Let Psoriasis Disease Get in the Way

Every relationship has its challenges, whether it's looking out for quality time together or trying to reignite a flame. But for people living with a chronic illness, engaging in relationships can be especially tough, particularly because their conditions make intimacy so much more difficult.

For men and women living with psoriasis skin disease, the physical and emotional symptoms can cause distress, often resulting in feelings of depression, anxiety, and a lack of self-confidence. Moreover, the impact often extends to their partners and to the relationship on the whole.

The impact of skin psoriasis on quality of life affects more because it is a highly visible condition. It affects the largest organ of your body i.e. skin. Even though people try to figure out different ways to hide the affected areas (e.g. with makeup or fringes), it is difficult to play hide-n-seek as psoriasis lesions may spread to other areas as well.

While you can’t stop people from reacting over your psoriasis disease but you should not let their reaction make you feel negative towards yourself or affect your relationships with them. You can take certain steps to cope up with this condition and help others understand about skin psoriasis.

Hiding skin psoriasis is not a good idea. Instead, talk about it.

Coping with psoriasis disease is tough, but some sufferers make it even tougher because they focus on the worse possible outcomes. When they start having red, thickened, itchy patches on the skin, they tend to hide because they think people will stare or turn away from them.

Don’t give in to the urge to hide. Once a person behaves this way, the associated psychological impact of psoriasis disease will get worse. Their perception of how other people will react to them will be exaggerated in their minds and turned into distorted realities.

Even if you are dating someone for the first time, it is best to open up about your skin psoriasis condition. By addressing the condition right away you will defuse the person’s fear or anxiety and leave no room for their imagination to work overtime. Also, there are chances for the second meet since you were open, confident and truthful about your condition at the first meet.

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How to explain about psoriasis disease?

One simple way is to say – Our skin is made up of layers and skin cells undergo a cycle of 28 days. This means the cells which are formed in the lower layer gradually move upwards and appear on the surface after 28 days to be shed. However, in psoriasis disease, the cells start growing very rapidly, without waiting for the earlier ones to shed, which leads to a build-up of a thick layer of cells, leading to the thickening of the skin, and red patches with scaling in the affected area.

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Dealing with intimacy

Physical intimacy is the natural next step in most relationships. It is important to be honest and direct. The last thing you want is to deal with a negative reaction from the person if they see you with psoriasis lesions for the first time without having prior knowledge about the condition. Hence, it’s better not to hide it. Start by making your partner understand about your psoriasis disease and tell him/her very clearly that it is not contagious.

Psoriasis treatment in Homeopathy

Besides talking to your partner, it is really important to address the disease symptoms to a healthcare professional to ensure that your condition is well-managed and under control. There is homeopathy treatment for psoriasis available and it helps minimize flare-ups and reduce the overall impact on your relationship. To know more about psoriasis homeopathic treatment, read on - Treat The ‘Psoriasis Itch’ Holistically With Homeopathy

By working as a team - with both your partner and your homeopathic doctor - will make it easier for you to deal with the condition on all the fronts – be it physical or mental situation.

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