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Warts - Homeopathy Treatment results

Warts are small, non-cancerous growths on the skin that may vary in size, shape and colour. Warts may occur one at a time or in clusters. For more than 200 years, homeopathic practitioners have demonstrated the success of homeopathy time and again in the treatment of warts. Whether it is getting rid of existing warts, preventing the formation of new ones or healing the tendency to develop warts, homeopathy has a solution.

Some of the illustrative case photos of patients treated at Dr Batra's:






The little girl with the father came to our clinic 5-6 months back after trying allopathic medicines, going under surgical process for the treatment of Warts. But, this little kid hasn’t got any relief through all the earlier allopathic medication processes and her warts problem reappeared in just few months.

Within just 4-5 months of taking homeopathy treatment, she got complete relief from warts problem. Both, father and daughter are happy with Dr Batra’s and Homeopathy!



Prashant Shekhar came to know about us through our website. He registered there to get an appointment with the doctor and started taking treatment for Warts. Before taking homeopathic treatment, his warts problem was spreading to other areas. He followed all the instructions given by our doctors patiently, including diet and medication. He states that he is now cured and lives without warts.



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