Safe and Natural Treatment of Warts with Homeopathy

Safe and Natural Treatment of Warts with Homeopathy

Prasad, a 32-year-old man came to our clinic for treatment of warts. He anxiously showed us numerous small, fleshy, skin-coloured growths on palms, fingers, and toes. He said he suffered from these multiple warts for two years, which were gradually increasing in size and number. He used several ointments recommended by many dermatologists and had also undergone cauterisation once, but warts recurred. Prasad was extremely concerned because he had noticed that people avoided shaking hands with him with fear of getting warts through touch. He avoided attending social functions but couldn’t escape such situations in office and other places. He feared touching his own children or having any physical relationship with his wife. Every day was getting more and more difficult for him and he was desperately looking for a safe treatment of warts.  

Most of the patients with warts experience similar situations and go through lot of mental stress fearing social embarrassment. If you too are struggling to find a right treatment for warts please read on to know about one of the safest treatment options available to get rid of warts.


Warts, also known as verruca, are small growths on the skin. They are generally painless. Warts are caused by a virus called the human papillomavirus  (HPV). There are several types of warts; some of the common variants are flat warts (small and only slightly raised above the skin), filiform warts (long, narrow, filamentous), plantar warts (painful variety that occur on the soles), genital warts or condyloma (highly contagious; sexually transmitted variety of warts).

Though largely harmless, warts can be quite disfiguring at times — a source of cosmetic and social embarrassment.

Also, warts are contagious by nature; they can spread easily from one person to another. Treatment of warts is therefore necessary. However, cauterisation is not advisable to get rid of warts. Warts can spread easily when one tries to get rid of them by shaving, or using other means where only a part of the wart is removed. A half-removed wart is likely to spread the virus to other parts of the body and also to other people.     

Homeopathy Treatment for Warts

Homeopathic medicines for warts are one of the best medicines with proven efficacy. In fact, the maximum success stories one hears of in homeopathy are related to the treatment of warts. Almost every homeopath will recall success stories to draw attention to his triumphs in the treatment of warts. So, how does the warts treatment in homeopathy work and how is it different?

The warts treatment in homeopathy does not suppress symptoms like in other systems of medicine, but tries to eradicate the ‘root’ cause. Homeopathic medicines for warts treat an individual holistically- to bring about better, also greater health and well-being at all levels.  There is no ‘one medicine suits all’ in homeopathy. When using homoeopathy for warts, good results are achieved when the remedy corresponds to the individual characteristics of the person as well as the shape and appearance of the warts, which differs in each patient. One has to consider the physical appearance of the warts, the emotional well being of the patient, stress levels of the person, any triggers that aggravate the condition, and several other factors are taken into consideration before prescribing homeopathic medicines for warts.      

Warts respond best to individualised treatment when using homeopathy. In one study, 90 per cent of patients with various types of warts saw their warts disappear within six months when remedies that matched their individualising symptoms were used.

Some of the common homeopathic remedies prescribed depending on the individualised approach are as below.

Type                         Medicine

Cauliflower-like            Thuja

Flat                            Dulcamara

Horny                         Antim Crud

Pedunculated             Medorrhinum


Dry                           Staphysagria

Moist                         Rhus Tox

Associated with

Bleeding                    Nitric Acid

Burning                      Sabina

Itching                       Sulphur

Pain                          Calcarea Carb


Around mouth            Psorinum

Back                         Silicea

Chin                          Lycopodium

Face                         Dulcamara

Nose                        Causticum

Palms                      Natrum Mur

Soles                       Sepia


Some skin cancers might look similar to warts.  It is therefore important to get a confirm diagnosis from the doctor. For women with genital warts, it is important to have a PAP smear done to check that pre-cancerous changes have not taken place on the cervix.

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