Quick Recovery from Thyroid Problems

Quick Recovery from Thyroid Problems

September 11, 2017

Preethi Nayar was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism symptoms (overactive thyroid gland) with progressive vitiligo (white patches). When she visited a homeopathic clinic for the first time, she had a lean, exhausted physical appearance with visible and advanced depigmentation of the skin on her face, caused by vitiligo disease.

Her son was staying away from her because of a family dispute. This apparently had an adverse effect on her health. Prying remarks on her appearance kept nagging her. Keeping everything close to her chest, without venting out any anger or frustration had made her irritable and anxious. Other noticeable hyperthyroidism symptoms included increased thirst, brooding nature and considerable weight loss.

Hyperthyroidism is a condition in which the thyroid gland produces and secretes excessive amounts of thyroid hormones — triiodothyronine (T3) and thyroxine (T4). The condition may be asymptomatic, but when it is not, symptoms of thyroid (hyper) appear due to excess of the thyroid hormone. The thyroid hormone impacts nearly every tissue in the body. It functions as a controller for innumerable processes in the body, including the metabolic rate. When there is too much thyroid hormone, every function in the body tends to speed up. Therefore, some of the hyperthyroidism symptoms are marked by heightened nervousness, irritability, excessive perspiration, a racing heart, hand tremors, anxiety, difficulty in sleeping, thinning of the skin, fine, brittle hair and muscular weakness — especially in the arms and thighs. There may also be frequent bowel movements. Weight loss is sometimes significant. This may occur despite a good appetite. For women, the menstrual flow may be reduced or periods may occur less often.

The homeopathic professional prescribed Preethi an appropriate remedy, based on her symptoms of thyroid as well as her emotional and psychological state. The homeopathic thyroid treatment given to Preethi was suitable for her as she is full of extremities and easily feels hurt. Patients suffering from thyroid problems with a nature like Preethi often feel the expressions like embarrassment and rejection easily, which makes their condition even worse.

Such patients who are facing thyroid problems often neglect to seek medical help because of their past experiences or disgrace. Their emotions too are often aggravated by consolation. Yet, the irony is, they are sympathetic to the problems of others, notwithstanding their own adversities.

After a year of homeopathic thyroid treatment, Preethi is now cheerful than before. She has gained healthy weight and made remarkable progress for both - her thyroid condition and vitiligo concerns.

The power of small homeopathy pills

Homeopathy plays an important role in treating thyroid problems. Because thyroid disorder affects multiple systems and organs of the body and it is difficult to address and treat all the symptoms of thyroid with one particular medicine or treatment without proper diagnosis. Homeopathy treats the root cause of the disorder and the medicines given by medical practitioners stimulates the better functioning of the thyroid gland so that it can produce the hormones on its own so as to give long-term results. Thyroid treatment in homeopathy can also reduce the dependency on external supplementation of the hormones and ensure good health in general.

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