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Pollution and Allergies Go Hand-In-Hand

Pollution and Allergies Go Hand-In-Hand

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Dr Batra's™ Team Medically Reviewed by Dr. Kankana Kalra B.H.M.S., F.C.H.D

Are you sneezing, sniffling or suffering from allergies? You’re not alone – more than 30% of the population in India suffers from allergy.

For people with allergies, sometimes the very air they breathe can be bad for their health. That’s because a variety of pollutants in our air, collectively called smog, can aggravate allergy symptoms, leaving people with allergies struggling to breathe.

With the rise in pollution, a lot of patients have visited Dr Batra’s clinics in the last couple of months only to get allergy testing done. We have not only been able to identify the causative allergens efficiently, but we have also been successful in treating allergies with a 96.3% success rate. So, if your condition is bothering you, trust us for getting the best treatment for allergies by booking an online appointment at www.drbatras.com/book-an-appointment.

Listed here are some facts that might surprise you:-

  • An average human can breathe 7-8 litres of air per minute.
  • Pollution affects children the most due to their small size of lungs and lesser lung capacity.
  • Inhaling poisonous air can shorten the life expectancy of an individual by 1-2 years.
  • Air pollutants cause more harm than even water and land pollution combined.
  • Pollution flares the symptoms of allergies such as shortness of breath, allergic rhinitis, burning and itchy eyes, itching of skin, skin rashes, frequent throat infections, asthma, skin allergies, and other respiratory symptoms.

Pollution and allergies go hand-in-hand!

Worsening air and water pollution gives many heavy metals and non-metals an opportunity to come in close contact with your skin and respiratory system thus causing allergies. This leads to either worsening of any already existing allergic symptoms or development of new symptoms. While you can’t do much about pollution except avoiding the triggers (read self-help tips at the end of this blog), try strengthening your immune system with the help of homeopathy. Homeopathy is absolutely safe and can be trusted to ward off the allergy symptoms.

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Homeopathy - A perfect solution for allergies

The good news is you can easily treat many seasonal allergy symptoms, and especially during extreme weather conditions where pollution is at its maximum, with simple homeopathic treatment for allergies.

Here are few benefits of homeopathic medicines for allergies:

  • Safe & Natural: Homeopathic remedies are safe for all ages. They are made of natural substances and don’t cause any side-effects.
  • Corrects the root cause: Homeopathy not only consider your physical symptoms of allergies but goes to the root cause of your illness and corrects it, thereby giving you long-lasting results.
  • No drug-dependency: Homeopathic remedies for allergies can be easily tapered and stopped once the individual is on the road to recovery. Unlike conventional medicines, they don’t cause drug dependency.
  • Boosts your immunity from within: Homeopathic medicines can not only boost your immunity but also strengthen your body’s healing capacity. These tiny pills are ideal in terms of regulating and reviving the immune system due to their immune-regulator and immune-modulation properties.
  • Proven results: According to a research study conducted on 200 patients suffering from allergies and other respiratory illnesses, it was found that homeopathy was as effective as conventional treatment. Where most patients who were given conventional drugs experienced an aggravation of their symptoms when stopping the medication, only one-third of the patients in the homeopathy group experienced such an aggravation.

Proven facts about efficacy of homeopathy in treating allergies

About 96.3% people suffering from respiratory symptoms and allergies showed positive treatment outcome when treated with Dr Batra’s homeopathic medicines and individual dietary recommendations (as authenticated by American Quality Assessors (AQA)).

My ‘not-so-itchy’ healthy bytes

I have been practising at Dr Batra’s homeopathic clinic since 2005 and have successfully treated over 10,000 patients in various medical problems. I have come to understand that it is the very bitterness of an ailment that makes one realize the value of good health. Thus, it would only be wise to treat this bitterness (medical problem) with the sweet pills of homeopathy.

We have comprehensive testing mechanisms to check which type of allergy you may have and which all allergens are playing an active role behind your specific set of symptoms. I would like to advise a couple of specific allergy tests that a patient should undergo specifically to include a Dr Batra’s Genetic Test to check for any allergy or to identify any particular allergen in case you are surely dealing with any type of allergy. Also, I would be more interested in checking your IgE level, as well as eosinophil count to ensure you the best and the safest dose to deal with your allergies.

Some tips to save yourself from the deadly pollution

It may not be a practical solution for some to move to a less-polluted area or city. Here are a few tips that can help keep your allergy triggers at bay –

  • Keep track of the daily air quality index in your area. Stay indoors if the pollution levels are high. If you must go outside, keep activity low and go outside in the morning before the heat of the day generates more smog.
  • Wear a mask to cover your mouth and nose when you go outside.
  • Avoid exercising outdoors.
  • Three cigarettes can cause more air pollution than a diesel car's exhaust. Hence, avoid smoking, especially around children.

Keep these tips in mind, take the help of homeopathy to combat your allergy symptoms, and just take a DEEP-BREATH!

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