Piles – Ignoring it can just pile on problems

Piles – Ignoring it can just pile on problems

Reluctant to discuss that pain in your butt? Consider that your doctor is one of the only people to whom you can say the word "piles" and not hear some kind of snicker, joke or commentary. That alone should make the topic easier to bring it up.

Maybe it's an unsightly rash on your rear end, or a nagging itch in spot that's just not socially acceptable to scratch. Or perhaps it's something more internal, like a deep-seated, psychological urge to do something you'd be ashamed of. Embarrassing medical problems come in many varieties, and some can be life-threatening if left untreated. So while it may seem like a complete surrender of your privacy, giving up the goods when it comes to disclosing embarrassing issues - like we’ve done in this article for piles - to your doctor is often the best thing you can do for your health.

If you find it increasingly difficult to sit without pain in your rear end, you might have piles (which is often called as hemorrhoids), a condition caused by swollen veins in the anus. Sometimes the condition exists just inside the anus and the veins aren't visible, while other times the swollen veins are external. Piles can cause blood in the feces, painful bowel movements and itching, not to mention an unpleasant experience every time you sit down to work, drive or relax.

The causes of this vein-swelling condition - piles could include pregnancy, straining during bowel movements or too much sitting. However, the condition could also be a sign of a bigger problem, such as liver cirrhosis or anal infection. Discovering such a cause sooner rather than later would certainly be worth the mild embarrassment of bringing up this derriere pain with your doctor.

However, visiting the doctor can be embarrassing, even under the best of circumstances. After all the poking and prodding that goes on and the probing questions you have to answer, there's not much the doctor doesn't know about you - except, of course, for that one thing you're too mortified to tell him.

Not seeking treatment would likely worsen the situation, perhaps even necessitating otherwise-avoidable surgery. If you seek a homeopathic doctor's advice early on, though, chances are you also may not need to use over-the-counter topical creams with corticosteroid or lidocaine, and other remedies, such as heat treatment. These treatments are helpful in getting a temporary relief for piles. Piles may recur even after making several attempts of treating the condition with conventional treatment methods. Homeopathy treatment for piles takes a different approach in treating the embarrassing condition by addressing the underlying causative factors of the problem.

Homeopathic treatment for piles permanently cures the disease without surgical intervention. The conventional system of medicine, on the other hand, does not promise complete cure even after surgery. The sooner the patient approaches a Homeopath for treatment of piles, the higher the chances of complete recovery. Homeopathic medicines for piles are made from natural substances and are, therefore, safe from any side-effects.

We hope, now you won’t find Piles as an embarrassing situation to address in front of the people – your friends, family and much advised - Doctor! Just his/her advice over your situation – how to address it – how to manage it – and how to treat it - would give you the maximum comfort.

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