Homeopathy Treatment For Obesity

Homeopathy Treatment For Obesity

Fat people are always thought of as jolly, good folks.  That’s the good news. The bad news is fat people are gloomily identified as candidates for early heart attacks. Agreed that this remark may be a sweeping statement of facts, but the hazards of being overweight and obesity are serious business in an increasingly health-conscious world. 

Obesity is a global epidemic, a disease, a sign of illness — a complex syndrome.  Thanks to its growing incidence, it is being studied as closely as any other serious disease.  


New research implicates genetic, emotional, metabolic, sociological and environmental factors as causative mechanisms for obesity.  

Obesity also has a predisposition in children. Most endocrinologists suggest that the hereditary aspect may not be largely congenital, although final obesity may be a direct consequence of “the clean plate syndrome,” which some mothers use as a rule for their children. 

Life expectancy of obese persons after the age of 35 is often associated with a death rate much higher than people with normal weight.  

While increased body weight places a greater load on the circulatory system, regulation of body temperature is as much affected due to reduced heat insulating effect. This, in turn, brings on profuse sweating. 


Homeopathy offers a safe, natural and non-invasive treatment solution for overweight individuals, who find themselves on the higher end of the weighing scale.


International clinical trials have shown that homeopathic medicines for overweight/obesity act as fat burners; they stimulate and hasten the body’s metabolic process, without causing side-effects.

A holistic system of healing, homeopathy believes in offering customised, or tailored, solutions to each and every patient, including individualised diet plans — because each of us is unique. Put simply, every individual’s stomach is as distinctive as their fingerprint.

Homeopathic medicines for overweight problems regulate and correct excess fat and obesity-related problems in conjunction with lifestyle and dietetic changes.  There are no negative outcomes, but only good, positive effects with homeopathic treatment. However, since being overweight, or obese, is more than a complex syndrome, homeopathic treatment is best initiated and monitored by a professional homeopathic doctor at the clinic.

Homeopathic medicines correct the underlying problem — overeating, stress, endocrinal problems and so on — the cause of obesity. From the ‘root.’ Not just its mere manifestation. Homeopathy also takes into account the fact that no two obese individuals present with identical problems. Each of us is unique. It, therefore, looks at the person in toto, including the origin, or the basis of obesity.

For optimal results, homeopathy distils the person’s physical, mental, emotional and psychological aspects, including sensitivities and sensibilities — to bring about a healthy, long-lasting change towards healthy weight. This results not in suppression or recurrence of the problem, after cessation of a given treatment plan, but natural, holistic restoration of health and well-being to their optimal level.



  • Eat at least 4-5 servings of fruits and vegetables daily. They provide you with all the vitamins, minerals, fibre and antioxidants you need, and with relatively few calories
  • Drink more water, and add more natural fibre, such as flaxseed, to your diet. This is an ideal combination to make you feel full, even though you consume fewer calories. It will also reduce your risk of serious illness, or disease
  • When your weight goal is reached ideally at the end of 6-8 months, your body would have adapted itself to your new regimen and needs, so much so that even with your reduced intake of food, you will still be able to maintain your weight
  • While you are reducing your intake of food, it is critical that you also increase your physical activity. This will not only decrease your waistline, it will also help your heart and lungs to work better, improve your mood, give you a sound night's sleep, and decrease your risk of serious illness or disease. Relaxation techniques are also useful— they help to ease one’s level of stress, which is also one of the primary causes of obesity
  • Follow-up with your homeopathic doctor on a regular basis.


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