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Leucorrhoea - Diagnosis

A clinical diagnosis is based on a detailed clinical history of complaints, namely:

  • duration of the complaint;
  • type of fungal infections;
  • frequency of sexual intercourse;
  • consistency, colour and odour of the discharge;
  • the time modality when it tends to increase; and
  • the contraceptive history.

A physical examination is essential to identify the inflammation and help identify and confirm the type of infection.

Blood tests: blood tests, if needed, may be recommended by our doctors.


  • spontaneous abortion – miscarriage;
  • pre-term birth;
  • endometriosis;
  • cervical erosion;
  • scarring of the fallopian tube, thus increasing the chances of ectopic pregnancy;
  • difficulties in becoming pregnant; and
  • persistent and long-term pain in the lower abdomen.

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