Irregular periods and Infertility

Irregular periods and Infertility

Neha, a young working woman, she was married for five years and had seen a couple of doctors to get treatment for irregular periods. Adding to her trauma, she found herself unable to get pregnant and even after series of checkups and tests done, she was clueless about what is happening with her? She had sleepless nights and was getting into the traumatic zone of depression.

After getting an advice from one of her colleagues, she came to us complaining of irregular periods and infertility and told us that she had ectopic pregnancy — pregnancy in which the foetus develops outside the womb, typically in a fallopian tube — a couple of years ago, followed by medical termination of pregnancy (MTP).

Neha also reported that her periods ensued only after the intake of hormonal supplements.

Her gynaecologist had advised her not to plan for pregnancy, as it could, in her opinion, lead to ectopic pregnancy, or other unpleasant outcomes. She was advised surgery — albeit there was no scope for conception as the procedure could leave adhesions in her fallopian tubes. Predictably, she was reluctant to opt for surgery.

As we took her case-history, she seemed misty-eyed, perhaps, because she hailed from an orthodox (minority) joint family — where everybody expected and/or were looking forward to a child from her.

This was not all. Her relationship with her husband was getting edgy, no less, owing to the delay in her conceiving an offspring.

Each time she visited us, Neha could not restrain herself from weeping, while narrating her social and familial problems. We evaluated her medical reports and other factors including her emotional and mental state. We prescribed her an appropriate homeopathic remedy trying to relieve her from pain and suffering.

She had, as she reported, her periods in the second month following infertility treatment. We advised her to stop her hormonal supplements. Initially, her periods seemed delayed, but after six months of homeopathic infertility treatment, her periods regularised. Her accompanying complaints, like acne and hair loss, showed improvement too. Besides, the unwanted hair growth on her face and hands that troubled her eased over a period of time.

We counselled and reassured her husband in due course. She was extremely happy with the turnaround of events — her gynaecologist told her that she could plan for her pregnancy in the near future too.

Why is it important to take infertility treatment?

It is very important to diagnose the cause and treat infertility appropriately. The problem with infertility patients is that they shy away from discussing their problems, even with doctors. This leads to either delay in the infertility treatment leading to further complications that can also affect your relationship with your partner or irreversible damage to your health.

Homeopathy, a natural form of mind-body medicine, is ideally geared to treat and correct many of the underlying predispositions for infertility. Homeopathic infertility treatment depends upon the manifestation of the disease, along with personality or distinctive characteristics of the individual. It takes into consideration actual symptoms of the disorder along with individual personality traits like lifestyle, body build up, mental makeup and temperament. That is how the homeopathic medicines are able to treat the root cause of the problem and address the problem in its entirety. An added benefit of homeopathic infertility treatment is that it has no side-effects at all.

Besides taking medical help, it is imperative to make certain lifestyle changes. Avoid cigarettes and any drugs that may affect sperm count or reduce sexual function. Overweight couples should try to reduce weight. Get sufficient rest, and exercise moderately but regularly. Remember, excessive exercise can also impair fertility function of your body. Another major factor is stress, you should learn to cope up with the emotional complications which may put down your confidence and make you feel depressed.

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